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IVY League MBA Programs and how to crack them

This candidate will have very strong reasons for joining that particular MBA program. He will have conducted a great amount of research by talking to the existing students
Jatin Bhandari / 2 December, 2019 / MBA CONSULTING

How Important are GMAT Scores for top business schools in the USA and Europe

The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is an essential step towards admission to a top business school. It is used by over 2000 business schools globally
Jatin Bhandari / 3 December, 2019 / MBA CONSULTING

How can you compensate for a low GPA in top B-Schools

Think about it this way: Why is a school concerned about your past? Why is a school concerned about your graduation scores?
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Why Indian MBA Applicants with High GMAT scores get Rejected by Ivy League Business Schools

Wanted to share this with you- a lot of you are reaching out to me to take my services as you were Rejected by TOP Schools last year. I get to hear from SO MANY Re-applicants
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How to get full-ride scholarships to top business schools

A lot of my MBA admission consulting students ask me- HOW Can I GET a full ride SCHOLARSHIP? My life gave me opportunities to get more than 80 Crores of Scholarships
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Top MBA Career Goals Essays

If you are preparing for your essay or interview responses to the question- “How will an MBA from our school help you?”, this article will help you create a very seamless expression.
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INSEAD Essay – How to get it right? When a High GMAT Score GetsRejectedby INSEAD

As I started picking holes in his MBA application, I realized that his style of expression was representative of many ROCKSTARS with high GMAT Scores and high expectations.
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ISB versus US Top 10 MBA - Cost & ROI Comparison

Sometime ago, one of our applicants who was admitted to both ISB and TUCK decided to join ISB and he justified his decision by stating that “TUCK is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE”
Jatin Bhandari / 9 December, 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

Can a person with a low GPA but a very high GMAT score (of 760) get admission to top B-schools like HBS, Wharton and Stanford?

Always start your assessment with the GPA conversion. Do not do the conversion yourself. Instead, reach out to renowned bodies such as
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Public Ivy League Schools: Why you should apply

Although there is no official association known as the Public Ivy League, the term holds a lot of meaning to those in the undergraduate admissions industry.
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Should you apply to an IVY League school?

People do everything from admitting their kids to feeder pre-schools for Ivy League schools to paying donations every year to the same, just to ensure a seat
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Short-Term Long-Term MBA Career Goals

As a Top MBA Admissions consultant, I have worked with a lot of applicants in the past 11 years. While I have learned a lot from the Indian Applicants keen