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Frequently Asked Questions

Question1: What are the different MBA admission offerings at PythaGURUS? How are they different?

Question2: What are the different components of our admissions offering?
What do we cover in these services and how long does the entire activity take?

Question3: How long does the entire activity take?

Question4:. I do not have a very mature understanding of what I want out of my MBA program. Do I really need to know what do I want to do post MBA or can I make a decision later? How do I address the “What are your short term/long term goals?” portion of the application and how important is it to the school.

Question5: How important is an application? How important is GMAT?

Question6:First round Vs. Second round? When should I look at the schools?

Question7:Should I decide to start with you, when is the best time to approach you?

Question8:When is the best time to take GMAT?

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