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Jatin Bhandari has generated over, 175+ Crores (USD 21 Million) of Top MBA scholarships for professionals from very diverse backgrounds. In addition to the common applicant pool, he has even helped Doctors, Policemen, and Politicians gain MBA admissions to study MBA abroad in top B-Schools, and has covered all possible professions that qualify for a Top Global MBA…ALL OF THEM! Know more about Jatin Bhandari and his mantras to crack MBA admissions.

Jatin Bhandari, Founder of Pythagurus
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Jatin Bhandari book don't go to prison after college

Don’t go to Prison 

After college

I wrote this book to break the slavery mindset of students. It exposes flaws in the education system and how it controls your life, both as a student and professional. I’m not giving you motivation or life advice, but practical suggestions to change how you make academic decisions. I want you to see the prison we unknowingly create for ourselves after college and how it affects our lives at the deepest level. I want to share this knowledge with you beforehand so you can live a better life.

Book written by – Jatin

Discover the essential steps and valuable insights to successfully pursue your international MBA journey in top business schools.

What Are Your Future Aspirations

In order to initiate the MBA Admissions consulting process, it is essential for us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your growth aspirations. This includes identifying your target countries, preferred business schools, envisioned future roles, and salary expectations. The underlying objective is to fully comprehend your intended trajectory and life objectives.

Let’s do your MBA Profile Analysis

Through our MBA Profile Analysis, we aim to equip you with a clear roadmap for success, tailored to your profile and aspirations. By identifying areas of improvement and capitalizing on your strengths, we strive to enhance your overall candidacy and increase your chances of securing admission to the most suitable MBA programs.

Create an Impactful Resume Strategy

We assist you in crafting a compelling and impactful business school resume. Our expertise lies in optimizing the space available to highlight various facets of your life, including personal, academic, social, and professional experiences. By strategically presenting these key aspects, we aim to capture the attention and interest of MBA admissions officers at top business schools.

Strengthen Your ST LT Goals and Networking

We offer guided networking opportunities with experienced alums who possess valuable insights into your target B-schools. This tailored networking experience provides a deeper understanding of the nuances and culture of your desired institutions. By focusing on these essential steps from the outset, we aim to deliver a transformative experience for MBA applicants, solidifying our position as one of the leading MBA admission consultants worldwide.

Assist You In Writing Essay and Recommendation Letter

With a keen eye for the big-picture story framework, we ensure that your essays present a cohesive and compelling narrative. We work closely with you to identify impactful stories from your professional and personal experiences that effectively showcase your strengths, achievements, and unique qualities.

Help You Prepare for an MBA Interview

This one is a crucial step in our MBA consulting process that significantly contributes to your success in the final qualifying stage. We offer a range of valuable resources, including online tutorials and live mock interviews, to equip you with the necessary skills and confidence.

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MBA Success Stories

Delve into the compelling success stories of aspirants who secured their spot in the top overseas MBA business schools.

Our Clients Have Been Admitted to the World’s Top-Tier MBA Universities

MBA Admission Resources

Get comprehensive support from our expertly crafted MBA Admission 2023 Resources, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and insights to confidently navigate every stage of the MBA application process.

Business School Guides

Unlock details related to the MBA admission process, GMAT, financial aid, and other essential information with our business school guides. 

FAQs related to Studying MBA Abroad

PythaGURUS is one of the top MBA admission consultants with 15+ years of experience in helping applicants get into the best MBA programs worldwide.

Through our career guidance and unique MBA application process, we have helped thousands of students get into some of the most renowned business schools across the world. This includes all the top-tier MBA programs in popular B-School destinations like the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific, Singapore, China, Japan, etc. 

Back home in India, we primarily provide MBA consulting to tier-one management programs like IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-L,  ISB, etc. 

Our MBA admission consulting process is 100% online. Our remote MBA guidance model enables us to work with applicants from all over the world, removing the geographical barrier. So you won't need to meet your mentor in person.

Moreover, online consulting can help you work with our MBA admission consultant without worrying about fixed time constraints typical with physical meet-ups. Finally, the regular success stories of our applicants attest to the high quality we maintain in our online MBA consulting model. 

We usually ask an applicant for a minimum timeframe of 40 days to complete the first MBA application. However, most aspirants begin working with our admission consultants  2-6 months before the final submission deadlines. This duration provides ample time to develop compelling narratives. 

While many enterprising individuals successfully complete their business school applications in a much shorter timeframe, we recommend keeping enough time for different iterations of the MBA essays to make them precise and attractive.

We offer extensive resources designed to assist you throughout the various stages of the MBA application process. These resources include MBA interview preparation tools and exercises, video modules, mock interviews, essay guides, recommendation guides, etc. 

All these MBA courses and resource materials are designed per the latest MBA admission requirements in different B-Schools.

Besides these, there is 1-1 mentorship helping you crack your dream b-school. 

Read some of our success stories to see how we've helped applicants get into the best MBA programs in the world. 

If you're starting in the corporate world with 2-5 years of work experience, a regular 2-year full-time MBA program can be a good choice. On the other hand, if you're a mid-level executive with 6-8 years of work experience, you can choose either a 2-year MBA or an accelerated MBA program of 1 year. 

However, Indian applicants targeting ISB have an exception. They can consider ISB’s 15-month global executive MBA equivalent program. A major advantage is the applicants don’t have to face the cultural and logistic challenges of settling in a new country.

Watch this video where Jatin Bhandari shares his insights on this question

Both US and Europe are known to house some of the best MBA programs in the world. So, applicants shouldn’t worry about this at the initial stages. Instead, they should focus on their MBA profile-building process and completing their applications on time. 

As an applicant, strive to secure B-School admission offers from the top-ranking full-time MBA programs around the world. 

Once you reach that level, you can evaluate a B-School from various perspectives, such as country, the B-School’s track record, facilities, etc. You can also take the help of PythaGURUS - your MBA admission consultant, to finalize a B-school or the country for your MBA studies.

As your MBA admission consultant, we would never advise you to quit your job, especially when you’re applying to MBA colleges abroad. Most B-Schools may prefer applicants who are presently working. So, quitting your job can adversely impact your resume. 

So, we strongly advise you to consider quitting your job only after your final interview, if you must, to avoid creating a negative impression on your resume.

The first two rounds are usually the best to apply to the best MBA programs worldwide. However, refrain from applying to all the good colleges in one round. This can invariably lead to a dilution of quality. 

Instead, consider a divide-and-conquer approach. Split your preferred B-schools across different rounds. For instance, you can apply to Harvard and Stanford in the first round and go for Dartmouth Tuck or Chicago Booth in Round 2. This way, you can devote more time to the admission process of many B-Schools.

Secondly, if you’re looking for an MBA with a full scholarship, rounds 1 and 2 can be your best bet.

Read this informative blog to learn. MBA application in Round 1 versus Round 2 versus Round 3.

This is where the best MBA admission consultant in India comes to your help. We at PythaGURUS routinely study MBA programs and shortlist them as per the applicant’s profile. We’ll take note of your GMAT score, work experience quality, and other factors to highlight the best aspects of your profile.

If you belong to a common pool, say, Indian IT engineer, there can also be a probability of the B-Schools allocating a major percentage to that pool. So the idea is to make your resume unique yet easy to understand for the admission committee.

Read how Indian IT applicant receives scholarships from 4 top US business schools.

The answer to this question would depend on your profile. As your business school admission consultant, we would help you find and fill the key gaps in your profile that can get you maximum return. 

So instead of trying to add new wings to your profile in these 3 months, it's important to work on its overall representation of it. And that is what we focus on. We help applicants highlight the most important parts in the best way that enhances their chances of cracking top MBA programs. 

Take a look at our range of MBA consultancy services.

The work required on an MBA resume, the essays, and other aspects of MBA admissions can differ among candidates. So, there can't be a rigid formula to crack the admission process. While we do have a system in place, our USP is a tailored approach we offer to MBA applicants to crack the B-school they want to get into. 

We closely work with applicants at every stage of the application process to enhance their admission prospects. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you. 

Absolutely yes. The interview is the last stage of an MBA application process and an important one. So, we encourage you to make your MBA interview preparation foolproof by taking our coaching. 

Apart from personal guidance from your MBA counselor, you’ll have access to more than 60 tutorial videos to help you grow confidence for your interview. 

Take a look at our MBA interview preparation and coaching service

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