June 4, 2019

10 Tips to crack Ivy League MBA Admissions

I wanted to share this with you as I know this will make a REAL Difference to you.  I am writing as I have been YOU. I have lived through your FEARS and YOUR INSECURITIES, and YOUR MOTIVATION. I have lived through these as an MBA applicant MYSELF. We have worked with a lot of MBA admissions consulting candidates for a DECADE NOW- THOSE PEOPLE have been very committed to creating high GMAT Scores, Ivy League admits, and CRORES and CRORES and CRORES OF MBA SCHOLARSHIPS!

We created MOMENTS that inspired us, and we built our lives around those.

I want to share what I learned from these MBA admissions consulting candidates! Learned this from 1000’s of students just like you.

We learned these together about LIFE and the Game of CREATING Top Tier University Admits, and CRORES OF MBA SCHOLARSHIPS.

All of the US Are sharing these with you because we do not want you to INVEST 50 years in learning these!

Read this POINT Twice as YOU WON’T get it right the first time- “IF your admission to IVY League is FOR YOU and ONLY YOU- this GAME will be tough! However, If you REALLY CARE About HOW will others benefit just because you WENT TO Stanford, you will very SOON Realize that getting into an Ivy League Business School is NOT A BIG Deal! It is Just a MEANS TO AN END!  This POINT IS NOT ABOUT THE community SERVICE BULLETS on the RESUME and Application Essays– Every applicant has THOSE! Do not USE “Serving PEOPLE” for admission to Ivy League! Do it the OTHER WAY- Use the Ivy LEAGUE Admit for “SERVING People” – and Make Money TOO!

ONLINE EXAMS– Test TAKING is a LOT like BOOKMYSHOW.COM. You go online, pick a date, and buy the entry tickets. If you don’t perform on the test day, you buy the TICKETS again and retake the STUPID online exam. Funny thing is- you make it sound like a ONCE in a LIFETIME Opportunity and PANIC! We are not finding a CURE To cancer or Aids!

If you do not have a very POWERFUL Academic history, or you think that you are AVERAGE, drop your past concerns right outside this door. TRUST ME. It is “How FOCUSED are you CHOOSING TO BE NOW” that counts. It is a FRESH START!

If you have been visiting this classroom for more than 8 months now, you are making GMAT a BAD HABIT.  Get your preparation right with discipline, and commitment. There are better things to do in this short life than to spend years on Online Exams. Get a GMAT SCORE, go out and LIVE!

It does not matter if you THINK you are not INTELLIGENT. It is the DISCIPLINE that helps you create a 99th percentile score.

If you think you CAN get a 99th percentile GMAT Score, you are absolutely right. If you think YOU CANNOT GET a 99th percentile GMAT score- you are again absolutely right.  It is a MATTER OF CHOICE- Choose carefully.

SEE Around- you will see lots of SUCCESS Stories with a 99th percentile GMAT score, and crores of MBA scholarships. They WERE all NORMAL Human Beings JUST AS YOU ARE. They had the same feelings and emotions as you do. They were very insecure and did not know what the future had for them. If they could do it, you can do it too.  One thing that mattered the MOST- Discipline and HUNGER! Intelligence – NOT COMPULSORY!

Getting into some of the best business schools in the world is not an accomplishment. Do not make a BIG Deal out of it. It is a means to an end. It is a path to getting somewhere in your life.  The Admissions committee members at Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, The Wharton School At The University Of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University are interested in Simply finding out WHY DO YOU care about their COURSES- and THEY ALSO BELIEVE that an Ivy League admit is just a means to an end!

“This is MY LAST YEAR, and I have GOT TO get into one of the best business schools in the world ASAP” – is the best way to CREATE ARTIFICIAL PRESSURE on YOUR BRAIN. Stop it! And Focus on Action.

The Circle of- Harvard Business School to McKinsey to becoming a McKinsey Partner to Coolest Private equity Investor to MOST Successful Man that EVER LIVED will consume your ENTIRE LIFE-  You can Simply Declare success RIGHT NOW and be quiet! Let us JUST Study and Create STRONG MBA Applications to Ivy League schools, and KEEP THE Conversation about SUCCESS OUT OF IT!

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