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Impact Driven Communication, and AUTHENTIC Storytelling

OUR Prime job is to have a Strong IMPACT on the communication that takes place between YOU and YOUR TARGET business schools.Do you know? - You face serious handicaps in UNDERSTANDING your MBA needs..
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Our Best

Many times in the past 10 years, we created unimaginable results for people who had failed miserably in as many as 10 to 14 applications in previous years, and had approached us for a turnaround. An applicant ..
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Diversity we have worked with

In this MBA Admissions counseling endeavor, we worked with professionals who were widespread in their functional and industry exposure.While the first category was of candidates...
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Questions on Leadership Preview

This is the MOST IMPORTANT VALUE TESTED at all the schools and gets asked in almost all the top MBA interviews.

What makes you a Unique Applicant ?

How are you a unique applicant and why should we take you?It is an interview question that dazzles many interviewees.

Describing a Failure In Top B-School

A very tricky question that has been asked very frequently in many Top B-School interviews is a question on Failure.

Do you have any questions for me?

It’s a polite concluding question, pointing out that the interview is over, grades have been decided and it’s time to wind up.

Most Significant Accomplishment

This video provides the applicants with the foundation necessary to respond to the interview question What is your most significant accomplishment?

Short Term and Long Term Goals

Through a very meaningful conversation with any admissions committee member from the Top Tier MBA programs have historically been more interrogative.

Finance Goals

In this video, I have used a sample story – the PRE MBA story is Finance and Risk management , and the Post MBA story is again in the financial industry. You should be able to use this to draw parallels

Why MBA?

This Video is meant for EVERYONE who is applying to a Business school- this video will help you both in your essays and your interviews. And this video will help people across all the backgrounds

Contribution to the School

This video is primarily on contribution that an applicant can make to a business school. They ask you this in the essays, they ask you this in the interviews.

Management Consulting Encyclopedia

This video provides the applicants detail for management consulting encyclopedia.10 power packed videos on management consulting goals for top school applications.


Networking will help you maximize your chances of admission when applying to any top schools

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Networking will help you maximize your chances of admission when applying to any top schools
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