After being dinged by India’s top business school ISB Inder cracks it with PythaGURUS

Getting a ding from your dream school is really heartbreaking, but what’s worse is losing the hope to get into your dream school without using all available resources. This was the approach Inder decided to take when he came to PythaGURUS in the hopes of getting into ISB, after being rejected by the school in the previous year.

With us, Inder successfully cracked ISB!

Inder’s goals story

Inder had a good first draft for his goals story. He had mentioned an AHA moment or two and was on the right track. But no first draft ever comes out perfect, or even close to that. It requires multiple drafts before one can use a goals story in their MBA application.

One area where Inder really needed help was identifying his AHA moments. Like I said earlier, Inder had mentioned an AHA moment, but unintentionally. He now needed to identify such moments form his professional past and intentionally add them to his goals story. An AHA moment is an event from the past year or two that has inspired the applicant to pursue an MBA.

Since Inder wanted to move into operations management from engineering, his AHA moments would ideally be incidents in his job that exposed him to operations management as a job function and simultaneously made him realize what current handicaps would hinder his performance in that role.

The second thing Inder required to write an impressive goals story was research. He needed to research his employability. Saying you want to switch to a different job function in your goals is never enough for a business school admissions committee. Inder would also need to show them that it would be easy for him to get hired post-MBA. For this, his research needed to be about the types of recruiters, at his target schools, that hire for his desired function and the types of positions they hire in.

He would then have a goal of working in a specific role at an organization that hired at his target school, rather than just a vague goal of switching to operations management.

Inder’s essay analysis

Since Inder was an ISB reapplicant, he needed to write one additional essay for the business school. most of Inder’s essays had the meat in terms of what the question was asking him for. However, something was amiss.

Inder made small mistakes in his essays. Mistakes that were so small that they would seem inconsequential to the untrained eye. This is why we encourage getting your essays proofread to avoid sending a half-baked piece of writing. Also, make sure to check your essay for facts and figures, and the names, and spellings of the business school’s programs if you’re mentioning any.

For example, if you’re writing about Kellogg SOM’s Kellogg Board Fellows Program and end up writing ‘Programme’ instead of the spelling that Kellogg uses, you would either look careless, oblivious, or just plain disinterested in the school. None of those are qualities that you wish an admissions committee member would think you have.

Inder picked up pace though and were able to produce a great application to ISB’s MBA Program.

With the applications completed and submitted, we began prepping for the interviews as we were sure Inder would get a call from ISB. He indeed got invited by the school for an interview which, although he was a little nervous, he was completely prepared for.

What followed next wasn’t much of a surprise, but was still amazing news.

Inder got accepted to ISB’s PGP program, one of the best programs in India.

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