How to score 1600 on SAT

The SAT test is a very important milestone for students. For many, it represents the deciding factor between admission and rejection to the top college of their dreams. Students who have a high academic proficiency tend to vie for the perfect score, and this is not at all surprising.

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Application Insights: A Student’s Perspective

In 2017 Forbes published an article titled ‘Did an Ivy League Place Just Get Easier for Indian Applicants’. The article suggested that with the election of Donald Trump, the number of international applicants to US schools might go down.

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How to get scholarships for Indian Students to Study abroad after 12th?

A good undergraduate education from a top US school will put you on the fast track to your goals. But this will certainly not come cheap...

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Top MBA Scholarships for Indian Students

Some of you are struggling to understand the Financial AID Options. I will elaborate to make it clear for you in this email.Your Dilemma: You..

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Short Term Long Term MBA Career Goals

I wanted to share one of my recent posts with you all. A lot of you have similar questions on how to construct your short term and long term goals..

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What kind of work experience matters to get into a top class MBA school in India or abroad?

Let me put it this way J …The goal is not to get into a business school. The goal is to use the MBA in order to do what you want to do post MBA.

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What is the hardest part about studying for the GMAT?

Varies from applicant to applicant. But the most common ones in my experience are

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Will my low GPA be a bad hindrance to my goal even if I score good in GMAT

Think about it this way: Why is a school concerned about your past? Why is a school concerned about your graduation scores?

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What is an acceptable GMAT score to get into Harvard or Wharton as an Indian male engineer

You already know the general disclaimer. So, I will not repeat that.

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How different is ISB from the top 30 universities/B-Schools in the US?

I am glad you asked. I did this a long time ago. Schools in India are not cheap as compared with the top Global Schools.

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