PythaGURUS MBA Admissions: From ZERO Admits to 4 Tier one schools + 1.1 Crores of scholarships

I am sharing this story as this is very very important to PythaGURUS. It is about how we stopped a guy from going to a business school he was admitted to.

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PythaGURUS MBA Admissions: The right moment to do an MBA from Top Schools

When I speak with you, I at times get a feeling that you are trying to squeeze an MBA into your story without really knowing what will it do to you.

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PythaGURUS MBA Admissions: Indians Can’t Network: Seriously: Sharing easy steps: Please wake up

I am writing to you as many of you are struggling to continue networking. See, it is not a rocket science and our reasons to

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PythaGURUS MBA Admissions: Top MBA Program cannot make you successful: I am sure

You will find this note very unusual. I work with MBA applicants throughout the year, and I am making a declaration that an MBA can’t make you successful.

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Life changing secrets of the MBA Applicants

Let me tell you why do I have an average profile Jatin” – this is how most of you win in the discussions by telling strangers and even yourselves that your candidature is not worth it.

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