Multiple scores, low AWA scores and low IR scores on the GMAT

GMAT policy states that a student cannot take the test more than 8 times in their entire lifetime. It also states the limit for a 12-month period to be 5 tests and at least a 16-day gap between two consecutive tests.

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5 Tips to ace the GMAT Reading Comprehension section

You have answered Reading Comprehension questions all throughout school. don’t take this as a positive for your GMAT Reading Comprehension prep. This might put you at a disadvantage.

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5 Tips to ace the GMAT Quant section

Learning tips and strategies to attack a section on GMAT is key for a good score. Due to the time constraint, you might not be able to attempt a question that you could have solved correctly.

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5 Tips to ace the GMAT Sentence Correction section

The GMAT sentence correction is a tricky section to deal with. The test will keep trying to stray you away from the answer. It needs to do that in order to make sure that you have learnt your grammar rules and aren’t just scoring by a fluke.

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5 Tips to ace the GMAT Critical Reasoning section

Each and every section of the GMAT requires hours of prep and numerous practice questions. But what also needs to addressed during GMAT prep is strategies. Without the right GMAT strategies, your prep cannot carry you across the 700-score mark.

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Can you score 700+ on the GMAT?

A GMAT score of 700+ is not an easy target. We hear stories of people scoring a 770 on their GMAT with minimal prep time and wonder if it’s even acceptable to score anything below a 750.

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How to Deal with GMAT burnout?

Burnouts aren’t a god thing whether from a job, studying, or your car. They mean long bouts of frustration and unproductivity. But they also happen often.

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How many hours of studying means a 700+ GMAT score?

If only the answer to this question was as simple and precise as the question itself.

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Complete guide to GMAT prep material

Philosophy aside, a GMAT score of 700+ is not dependent on you putting in over 100 hours of GMAT study time. You will have to decide the number of hours you need to study for a GMAT score of 700+.

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Tips to create your GMAT study plan and select Prep Material

Juggling a job and a GMAT isn’t easy, but it is what you will have to do if you plan to get an MBA from a top business school.

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