Do top MBA programs value applicants from specific industries more than others?

Well, they do have a target in mind. In as much as I know, many top schools use mathematical models to design the MBA Class.

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What can I do in the duration of 9-12 months to improve my profile for a B-School in the US?

Get an international assignment( if you think your company can send you to the client’s site).

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What should be the strategy to prepare for the verbal section of GMAT to score a perfect 800 over the time of 3 months?

Make a list of 5 topics( Data Sufficiency, problem solving, Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Reading comprehension).

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How should I build my profile for top business schools?

Now that you have asked for it, I will take this opportunity to construct an ideal profile for the Top schools, and I will be unrestrained in my expression.

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What should I do to improve my chances of getting into a top b-school?

Get a 700+ GMAT Score( Depends on your demographics as well).

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What are the possibilities of getting financial aid for an MBA degree in a top 10 ranked business school?

You need to have an outstanding profile. Essentially, you need to be above the league of the schools in order to give them an incentive to throw money at you.

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What is some advice for a girl going for a 2 year full-time MBA at a top 10 business school (Wharton, LBS, Harvard) after 5 years of work experience?

Start exploring the career opportunities right now. If you develop an understanding of what you want out of an MBA program, the academic rigor of these programs become easier( relatively).

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How can I improve my chances of getting an admission call from a good institute despite low academic scores?

Yes it is definitely possible. However, you need to have good stories. International schools have a totally different game from what we have in India.

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