Should you get your MBA immediately after getting your undergraduate degree?

I will recommend working for sometime. Work experience really helps you understand the gaps that you would like to fulfill using an MBA Program

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What is the most effective way to study for GMAT considering I do not seek help from professional courses?

Make a list of 5 topics( Data Sufficiency, problem solving, Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Reading comprehension).

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Is it possible to get into Harvard Business school without work experience?

Allow me to change your thought process a little bit. Your question “Whether they will take me?”

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I got a GMAT score of 770. Which are the colleges I should be targeting

You need to start mapping the articles while reading them. Start exploring

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How does one prepare enough to get a perfect score on the GMAT?

In as much as I know, there are no shortcuts to GMAT or any other test for that matter. However, a lot depends on how much ahead of the game you are already.

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How do I increase my verbal score in GMAT from 35 to 40?

It depends on your pain points. Identify what has gone wrong in RC, CR and SC.

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How can I boost my profile for a top 10 MBA?

This candidate will have a great understanding of the short term and long term goals. He will have a detailed understanding of the industry and functions he will be a part of immediately after MBA.

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How do I score 740 or above in the GMAT?

I will tell you what we tell all our students: What to do in the last 43 days of your GMAT preparation?

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