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Columbia Business School MBA Application Essay Questions and Tips

Columbia Business School is one of the most sought after business schools in the world. Along with being an Ivy League business school, Columbia also makes it to the prestigious group of M7 business schools. The admissions committee at Columbia goes through thousands of MBA applications every year. If the most important factor in applicant selection was an academically and professionally perfect ...
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5 Financial Options for an MBA

The most expensive international MBA programs can cost over $200k all-in. The way you pay for business school can affect the options available to you in your career down the line. Sure, there are cheaper options, but for a middle-class applicant from India to a top B-school in the USA or Europe, the cost factor is not always a cakewalk!
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Chicago Booth MBA Application Essay Questions and Tips

The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business is part of the elite M7 business schools. This puts it on top of many MBA applicants’ list of dream schools. The school also prides itself on being one of the world’s most flexible MBA programs. Booth’s mission statement says, “At Chicago Booth, our mission is to create knowledge with enduring impact, and educate current and future leaders.”
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What is the Cost of Harvard MBA?

Understanding the cost of studying MBA at Harvard is not as straightforward as one would think. Sure, the simple answer would be a bit shy of $150,000 in terms of tuition fee; but, there are multiple factors to consider which may raise or lower this amount. Unlike many other top B-schools, Harvard has not raised its annual tuition fee since 2018.
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Haas School of Business MBA Application Essay Questions and Tips

Similar to other top business schools in the US, UC Berkley’s Haas School of Business has also made significant changes to it’s MBA application process. The school now only asks two required essays along with two optional essays. The MBA essays for Haas, when understood correctly, give the admissions committee great insight into an applicant’s, leadership skills, passions, background, and significant life events.
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Indian School of Business MBA Application Essay Questions and Tips

One of the top business schools in India, Indian School of Business (ISB) is ranked amongst the top 30 business schools in the world for its Post-graduate Programmes. Needless to say, being an ISB graduate can add a lot of value to your resume and become the catalyst to your post-MBA success. However, it is imperative that a student adds value to the ISB MBA class as well. To judge the same, the ISB admissions committee will be looking at your MBA profile carefully.
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Dartmouth Tuck MBA Application Essay Questions and Tips

ITuck School of Business at Dartmouth College can look like a cosy business school environment due to its location in the countryside and small class-zine. But don’t be fooled. This elite business school enjoys it’s pick of highly qualified MBA applicants every year. I steer clear of using the words “ideal applicant” for business schools because, in reality, schools do go out on a limb for inspiring yet unconventional profiles every year.
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USC Marshall MBA Application Essay Questions and Tips

University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business is one of the Top 25 business schools in the US. Marshall, like other top schools, believes in the power of diversity. The admissions committee members at Marshall are looking for students that can bring diverse perspectives into the MBA class and help their classmates grow with a global mindset.
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MBA without work experience – Is it worth it?

It is generally accepted that applicants with work experience benefit more from an MBA program than those without work experience. They are able to better relate what they learn at the B-school to the practical experience gained at their workplace. However, despite knowing this, the popularity of traditional Indian MBAs that accept students without work experience has persuaded students..
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Texas McCombs MBA Application Essay Questions and Tips

The University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business is amongst the top 40 schools in the world and the top 25 business schools in the US. The MBA class size at McCombs falls just short of 300 students, making it one of the smaller MBA classes at top business schools. To make MBA applications more accessible to applicants during the pandemic, McCombs has added a Round 4 deadline to it’s MBA applications.
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The Best Online MBA Programs of 2021

Online MBA programs have always existed, but they were never as valuable as going to an actual international B-school. Even though some may argue that going to a B-school allows you to learn much more than you would online, the truth is that some of the top MBA programs in the world are now available online. And we have (sadly) COVID to thank for that!
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The Indian IT Male MBA Application Guideline

If you are coming across this term for the first time, it’s not really something to rejoice. But, as always, cracking a top MBA is about being prepared. So, now that you are going to learn about one of the most saturated pools of MBA applicants (which you probably belong to), you will have a better chance at getting into your target B-schools!
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