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Michigan Ross School of Business | MBA Application Essay Topics, Essay Questions, Tips

University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business quickly adapted to the new normal that the pandemic created. Moving one of it’s highly regarded programs, Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP), online helped Ross to create similar if not better results for its MBA class of ’21 in terms of experiential learning and placements. The school also made significant changes to its MBA application process.
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Full time International MBA Application Requirements & Checklist

Acquiring an MBA degree is one of the best ways to push your career ahead in the 21st century! This is why thousands of students across the country apply to B-schools each year both in India and abroad. While you may be acquainted with the process of applying for an MBA at an Indian university, the process is not the same for most B-schools abroad. Depending on the region and the schools itself, the process can differ. But, some of it also stays constant such as the requirement for GMAT or GRE scores.
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Is Work Experience Necessary for MBA?

If you are aiming for an international MBA then your work experience is one of the most important aspects that will decide whether you will qualify or not! So, yes, in short work experience is indeed necessary for an MBA. But the answer isn’t so short. If the average work experience required by Harvard or Stanford is 5 years, that doesn’t mean anyone meeting the criteria automatically qualifies. And it also doesn’t mean that a strong candidate with 4 years of work experience will not be considered.
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MBA Application Tips: Interview with Former Partner Boston Consulting Group

A true cross-industry leader, Sap Sinha has worked in Healthcare, Venture Capital, Private Equity under various functions like Operations, Sales, and Risk Management throughout his career. Graduating from Darden’s MBA Program in 2008, Sap started his career in Consulting with a Pharmaceutical firm. Hardly 6 years later he was made partner at one of the top consulting firms around the globe, Boston Consulting group.
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INSEAD MBA Application Essay Questions and Tips

An INSEAD MBA applicant writes one of the lengthiest set of application essays. I say lengthy and not rigorous since INSEAD doesn’t baffle its applicants with questions like Stanford’s “What Matters Most to You, and Why?”. Instead, INSEAD chooses a simpler yet detailed approach to understand the MBA applicant.
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MBA in Australia: Ranking, Cost, Eligibility, Exams

Australia has been considered as among the top 5 places to study MBA abroad. So, if you are planning an international MBA then taking a closer look at the Australia B-schools is something you should definitely consider! Not only does Australia house a range of top-tier MBA programs, but there are plenty of career opportunities in the country as well.
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MBA Abroad: Biggest Challenges Faced by Indian Students

There could be many reasons why you’re reading a blog about the challenges faced by Indian students at an international MBA program. But the two main ones, that most of are likely to have, would be: 1. You’re considering an MBA and wonder whether an international MBA is worth it or not.
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UVA Darden Business School MBA Application Essay Questions & Tips

University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business really came through for its applicants during the pandemic. From providing a more diverse list of standardized tests for MBA application to allowing Test Waivers, the Darden admissions committee simplified the application process making it more accessible to MBA applicants across the globe.
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How to get into Kelley School of Business | Indiana University?

The Kelley School of Business received its name after E. W. Kelly, school alumnus and the Chairman of Steak n Shake Company, to honour his $23 million donations in the year 1997. The school has two campuses in Indiana, Bloomington and Indianapolis, with the Bloomington campus fulfilling all and any study and research needs of students and faculty alike.
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Getting a Top MBA in Switzerland | Everything You Need To Know

If a top-tier international MBA is your goal then there are many countries in Europe to consider. One among them is Switzerland. The IMD, St. Gallen, GSEM, etc. are among the top B-schools in Switzerland and also the world; and a MBA degree from any of these institutions will provide you the much needed recognition and career boost!
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Saïd Business School MBA Application Essay Questions and Tips

Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford has one of the shortest MBA application processes amongst the top business schools. The school only requires one MBA essay from new students and one additional essay from re-applicants. In case you’re wondering how an applicant is supposed to back up their candidature strongly with as few as 250 words, you’re in luck.
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MBA in France: How to crack the top B-schools, scholarships, and more!

France is not merely a tourist destination. Apart from the UK, it is one of the best countries in Europe to pursue MBA at! HEC Paris, INSEAD, Essec Business School, etc. are some of the best B-schools in the world, and if you can crack their MBA program your future will be more secure than ever
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