Jatin Bhandari / 16 july, 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

What do Top Business Schools look for in MBA Applicants?

What are the MBA admissions committee members looking for? The MBA admission committee appreciates more authentic and unique profiles. Read more.
Jatin Bhandari / 13 july, 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

MBA Application Rejected

The biggest reasons why MBA Applications get rejected & these are prevalent across the student community. Read now.
Jatin Bhandari / 29 June, 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

MBA Application Game Plan – Timelines & Strategy

I get a lot of questions related to the entire MBA game plan. So, here is the entire strategy laid out in a calendar.
Jatin Bhandari / 9 June, 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

The 11 Mistakes Holding you Back from Getting your Dream MBA Business School Admit

Whether you’re just starting with your MBA applications, in the middle of the process, or planning to re-apply, there are application mistakes you can avoid.
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How to get into Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)?

The most important factors to cracking Stanford GSB as per recent graduates
Jatin Bhandari / 4 May , 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

How to get Scholarship from Top Business School? 3 Tips to get MBA Scholarship

3 things you can do to maximize your chances of getting scholarships from Top MBA Programs. How can you get top International business schools to pay you to educate you?
Jatin Bhandari / 25 April , 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

Indian IT applicant receives scholarships from 4 top US business schools: Case Study

Indian IT Applicants applying to top international MBA Programs will not be taken seriously because these applicants are a commodity? Right??? Wrong! Read More.
Jatin Bhandari / 22 April , 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

Top 3 Mistakes MBA applicants make while looking at business school rankings

Unless it is an Ivy League school, I will not go for an MBA as all the other programs in the world are not worth my time and money.
Jatin Bhandari / 14 April , 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

How to get admitted to the best Best Business School - MBA Programs in the world?

Like Eleanor Roosevelt “learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them yourself”, we did exactly that.
Jatin Bhandari / 14 April , 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

10 Best MBA programs to look out for in 2020

If you’re an MBA applicant trying to shortlist business schools to start your MBA applications with, you must have come across various lists ranking business schools across the globe.
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Should you accept your MBA Admit during COVID-19 pandemic? Study Abroad during COVID

As an MBA applicant in the middle of COVID - Should you be paying 200 thousand dollars to b schools in the USA, Europe, Singapore or any other country, for the session starting August 2020?
Jatin Bhandari / 30 March , 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

3-Year Undergrad Degree? Master’s Program you can apply to with a three-year bachelor degree

Having a three-year undergraduate degree might put you at a disadvantage when it comes to getting a master’s degree abroad.