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Common Interview Questions at Columbia Business School and How to Approach Them


Columbia Business School, renowned for its rigorous MBA program, places significant emphasis on the interview process as a key component of its admissions. Understanding and preparing for common interview questions can be pivotal in navigating this crucial stage. This guide offers in-depth strategies for addressing typical questions asked in Columbia interviews, helping you to present a well-rounded and compelling application.

Frequently Asked Questions in CBS Interviews

Walk Me Through Your Resume

Presenting a Cohesive Professional Story

This question is an opportunity to take the interviewer on a journey through your professional life. Focus on weaving a narrative that connects your past experiences, achievements, and the skills you’ve developed along the way. Highlight experiences that align with the ethos of Columbia Business School and the specific attributes of its MBA program.

Emphasizing Key Achievements and Transitions

Discuss transitions in your career and the rationale behind them. Highlight key achievements and how they have prepared you for an MBA and your future career goals. This is your chance to contextualize your resume in a story that reflects your career trajectory and aspirations.

Tell Me About Yourself

Crafting a Personal Narrative

This question seeks to understand you beyond your professional credentials. Share insights into your background, interests, and passions. How have these shaped your decisions, career path, and the choice to pursue an MBA at Columbia?

Connecting Personal Background to MBA Aspirations

Link aspects of your personal story to why an MBA at Columbia is the next logical step. Discuss how your experiences have influenced your career goals and how CBS’s program aligns with your aspirations.

Tell Me About Your Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Setting Realistic and Ambitious Goals

Your goals should reflect a clear understanding of where you want to go professionally. They should be ambitious yet achievable, grounded in the reality of your experiences and the potential an MBA from Columbia offers.

Linking Goals with Columbia’s MBA Program

Explicitly connect how Columbia’s resources, network, curriculum, and community will support your goals. This shows you have a clear plan and have thoughtfully considered how CBS fits into it.

What is Your Dream Company, and Why?

Demonstrating Career Focus

Articulate why a particular company is your dream company. Discuss how it aligns with your career aspirations, values, and skills. This question assesses your career focus and how well you understand your own professional trajectory.

Aligning Company Values with Personal and Professional Goals

Explain how the company’s values and culture align with your personal and professional objectives. Be specific about why this company stands out to you and how it fits into your broader career goals.

How Will Being in New York City Help You in Achieving Your Goals?

Leveraging NYC’s Unique Opportunities

Discuss how the location of Columbia in New York City is beneficial for your career. Whether it’s the proximity to industries, networking opportunities, or the vibrant cultural scene, explain how the city’s unique attributes will contribute to your professional and personal growth.

Connecting Location to Career Aspirations

Link specific opportunities in New York City to your career aspirations. How will the city’s resources, networks, and Columbia’s location enhance your MBA experience and future career?

What is Your Plan B if You Fail to Secure a Job in Your Desired Industry/Function?

Showing Adaptability and Resilience

This question tests your ability to adapt and be resilient. Discuss alternative paths you might consider and how they still align with your overall career objectives.

Alternative Career Paths and Contingency Planning

Present a well-thought-out plan B, demonstrating that you are prepared for various scenarios post-MBA. This shows strategic thinking and practicality in your career planning.

Tell Me What You Would Do in the Last Week at Work Before You Retire

Reflecting on Career Fulfillment and Legacy

Use this question to discuss your ultimate career goals and the legacy you wish to leave. This is an opportunity to share your broader vision and how an MBA from CBS fits into that vision.

Long-term Career Vision and Impact

Outline the impact you hope to have in your career and the contributions you want to make to your field. This speaks to your values, long-term vision, and the depth of your career aspirations.

Why CBS?

Expressing Informed Enthusiasm for Columbia

Discuss specific reasons why Columbia Business School is the right fit for you. This could include its curriculum, faculty, culture, or specific programs that align with your career goals.

Specific Attributes of CBS that Align with Your Goals

Show that you have done your research and understand what makes CBS unique. Explain how these attributes will help you achieve your career objectives and why they resonate with you personally.

What’s Going to Be Difficult for You at CBS?

Acknowledging Challenges and Personal Growth Areas

Identify aspects of the MBA experience that you anticipate will be challenging. This shows self-awareness and a realistic understanding of the program’s demands.

Readiness to Embrace and Overcome Challenges

Discuss how you plan to address these challenges and what strategies or resources you will utilize. This demonstrates your problem-solving skills and readiness for the MBA journey.

How Will You Add Value to a Specific Club at CBS?

Identifying Contribution Opportunities

Choose a club or organization at CBS that aligns with your interests or experiences. Discuss how you can contribute meaningfully to this group, based on your skills or past experiences.

Demonstrating Commitment to the CBS Community

Show that you have a clear plan to engage with and contribute to the CBS community. This could involve leading initiatives, sharing expertise, or fostering collaborations.

Understanding What CBS Admissions Committee Expects

Insights into CBS’s Evaluation Criteria

The admissions committee at Columbia Business School looks for candidates who demonstrate leadership potential, a clear vision for their career, and a strong fit with the school’s culture. Understanding these criteria is crucial in tailoring your responses to align with what the committee is seeking.

Aligning Your Responses with CBS’s Core Values

Tailor your interview responses to reflect CBS’s core values of leadership, innovation, and global perspective. Demonstrate how your experiences and goals align with these values.

Tips for Excelling in CBS Interviews

Best Practices for Interview Preparation

Prepare thoroughly by researching the school, practicing your responses, and understanding the format of the CBS interview. Mock interviews can be particularly helpful in refining your answers and improving your delivery.

Techniques for Answering Tough Questions

When faced with challenging questions, stay calm and focused. Use a structured approach like the STAR method for behavioral questions. Be honest and reflective in your responses, showing both your strengths and areas for growth.


The Columbia Business School interview is an opportunity to demonstrate your fit with the program and articulate your unique value. By preparing thoughtfully for these common questions, you can confidently showcase why you are an ideal candidate for CBS’s transformative MBA program.

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