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Michigan Ross Executive MBA Program

Guide to the Michigan Ross EMBA Program

Embarking on an Executive MBA (EMBA) journey is a significant step for mid-career professionals looking to elevate their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and understanding of complex global business environments. Among the top-tier options, the Michigan Ross EMBA program stands out, distinguished by its rigorous curriculum, unique experiential learning opportunities, and the strength of its alumni network. This guide delves into what makes the Michigan Ross EMBA one of the best executive MBA programs globally.

Introduction to Executive MBA Programs

Executive MBA programs are designed for professionals who have amassed significant work experience and are looking to advance or pivot their careers without stepping away from their current roles. These programs offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, enabling leaders to tackle contemporary challenges in the business world effectively.

The Michigan Ross School of Business

The Michigan Ross School of Business is renowned for its commitment to excellence in business education. Known for creating leaders who make a positive difference in the world, Michigan Ross provides an EMBA program that equips students with multidisciplinary business skills necessary for the next step in their careers. Recognized by Fortune Magazine in 2023 as one of the top 5 Executive MBA programs, it underscores the program’s prestige and the high regard in which it is held in the academic and professional community.

Program Overview

Description of the Executive MBA Program at Michigan Ross

The Michigan Ross EMBA is meticulously designed for accomplished leaders. It combines rigorous academic learning with real-world application across its diverse curriculum. The program is structured around a part-time format, with classes held on weekends to accommodate busy professionals, ensuring minimal disruption to their work commitments.

Program Length, Format, and Schedule

Spanning 21 months, the Michigan Ross EMBA offers a blend of in-person and hybrid learning experiences. Classes convene every other weekend, Friday through Saturday, allowing students to immerse themselves fully in the Ross learning experience while maintaining their professional roles.

Target Audience and Typical Student Profile

Targeted at experienced leaders, successful applicants to the Michigan Ross EMBA program generally boast at least eight years of work experience. They are fully employed at the time of application and throughout the program, demonstrating significant career progression and leadership potential.


The curriculum at Michigan Ross is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in core business principles while also offering opportunities for specialization. Core courses cover essential areas such as strategy, leadership, and finance, complemented by electives that allow students to tailor their learning to their career goals.

Unique Features or Concentrations

One of the hallmarks of the Michigan Ross EMBA is its emphasis on experiential learning. The program includes global residencies, consulting projects, and leadership development activities, enabling students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world business challenges.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Michigan Ross EMBA students engage in the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP), a signature element of the Ross curriculum. These projects pair students with global companies to solve real-world business problems, providing invaluable hands-on experience.

This first part of the article provides an introduction, overview of the Michigan Ross School of Business, and detailed insights into the program’s overview and curriculum. The following sections will cover faculty and resources, admissions and requirements, costs and financial aid, student experience, career outcomes, and alumni success

, continuing the comprehensive exploration of the Michigan Ross Executive MBA Program.

Faculty and Resources

Overview of Faculty Members

The Michigan Ross EMBA program boasts a distinguished faculty comprising world-renowned scholars and seasoned practitioners. These educators bring their groundbreaking research and real-world experience into the classroom, offering insights that bridge the gap between theory and practice. Faculty expertise spans a wide range of business disciplines, ensuring that students receive a holistic and cutting-edge business education.

Resources Available to Executive MBA Students

Michigan Ross provides Executive MBA students with unparalleled resources, including access to the Ross School of Business alumni network, which is vast and active across the globe. Students also benefit from personalized career services, networking opportunities, and professional development workshops designed to enhance their leadership capabilities and prepare them for the next level of success in their careers.

Admissions and Requirements

Explanation of the Admissions Process

The admissions process for the Michigan Ross EMBA program is rigorous, designed to identify individuals who demonstrate leadership potential, significant professional achievement, and the ability to contribute meaningfully to their cohort. Prospective students must submit a comprehensive application that includes a resume, essays, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and GMAT/GRE scores (if required).

Strengthening Your Application

To strengthen their application, candidates are encouraged to articulate their career progression, leadership experiences, and how the EMBA will help achieve their professional goals. Engaging with MBA consultants can provide valuable guidance throughout this process.

Specific Requirements for Executive MBA Applicants

Applicants to the Michigan Ross EMBA program typically have at least eight years of work experience. The program values diversity in its classes and seeks individuals from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. Employer support is crucial, as it demonstrates the candidate’s ability to manage the demands of the program alongside their professional responsibilities.

Application Deadlines for the Michigan Ross EMBA Program

Round Application Deadline Year
1 December 15, 2023 2023
2 February 1, 2024 2024
3 March 15, 2024 2024
4 May 1, 2024 2024

Application Checklist

Update your resume
Choose your recommender
Write your essays
Order your transcripts
Gain support from your employer
Prepare for your interview
Check exam requirements
Pay the application fee ($200)

Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees Breakdown

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the total cost for Michigan residents is $178,500, and for non-Michigan residents/international students, it is $183,500. This comprehensive fee covers tuition, textbooks, course materials, accommodations, and dining during residencies and the EMBA Global Network Week.

Financial Aid Options and Scholarships

Michigan Ross offers various financial aid options and scholarships to help students finance their EMBA studies. Prospective students are encouraged to explore these opportunities and consider employer sponsorship and tuition reimbursement programs as viable options to offset costs.

Michigan Ross EMBA Tuition & Expenses (2023-2024)

Category Michigan Residents Non-Michigan Residents/International
Tuition & Expenses $178,500 $183,500
Per Term Cost $35,700 $36,700
Enrollment Deposit $5,000 $5,000

Additional Financial Information

Item Details
International Student Services Fee $500 per term
Estimated Costs for Financial Aid (Fall 2023 – Winter 2024; 8 months)
Food & Housing $18,704
Personal $6,820
Loan Fees $224

Student Experience

Insight into the Student Experience

The student experience in the Michigan Ross EMBA program is characterized by dynamic class dynamics, teamwork, and extensive networking opportunities. Students learn to balance the rigorous demands of the program with their professional and personal commitments, often employing strategic time management and prioritization skills.

Career and Alumni Success

Career Services and Support

Michigan Ross provides comprehensive career services and support to EMBA students, including personalized coaching, leadership training, and access to exclusive job opportunities. These resources are designed to help students navigate their career paths and achieve their professional goals.


The Michigan Ross Executive MBA program represents a significant investment in personal and professional development, offering experienced leaders the opportunity to enhance their strategic thinking, leadership skills, and global business understanding. For those considering this prestigious program, it promises not just an advanced business education but a transformative journey that prepares them for the highest levels of leadership.

Prospective students are encouraged to explore further and consider the Michigan Ross EMBA as a valuable step in their professional development journey. For guidance on the application process and more insights into the value of an Executive MBA, visit Pythagurus.

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