I wanted to share one of my recent posts with you all. A lot of you have similar questions on how to construct your short term and long term goals and you end up picking random industries and functions.

Some of you are planning to change industries or functions and many of you want to change both post MBA. It is not about throwing random job functions at a business school.

If I were you, this is what I would do:

  1. I will construct an equation of employability:

Past + MBA = short term and long term goals

Your PAST:

Existing Repository of the skill sets in a narrative: In your past experiences, give them an understanding of your current repository of the skill sets, and the learning curve. Working in the supply chain in the manufacturing industry, you may have gained some amazing skill sets that your future employer would value.

An AHA Moment: What have been your AHA moments that prompted you towards your short term goals. An AHA moment is not same as witnessing a falling apple. But an AHA moment is a continuous exposure to a “Wannabe” state.

Current HANDICAP: What is your current HANDICAP? Whatever you create as your short term goal, why can you not do it from the coming Monday? What is the Handicap? What are some of the skill sets that are keeping you from starting in new positions?

SKILLS FROM AN MBA PROGRAM + THE CURRENT HANDICAP: If you combine these two, you will eventually be able to create a set of skills that you plan to gain from an MBA program.

And YES! I will not recommend using marketing as your long term goal. You may not want to do that in 7 years from now. You may like something else or you might even pursue management consulting as a full time career post MBA. One never knows as you have not been exposed to many industries and functions yet. So, it is advisable to construct a story that further ties with your short term goals.

You might want to pick a couple of your target employers, and download the 10K reports, and identify some of the top leaders in that firm. Map out their career progression of 15 years, and see how they have progressed. You want to construct a story that is in terms with the reality of the job markets.

Please keep these in mind while constructing your stories.

I hope this helps.


Jatin Bhandari

PythaGURUS MBA Admissions