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MBA Jobs in Abroad

MBA Jobs in Abroad: Top 10 Post-MBA Work Opportunities

Every year, MBA applicants from different countries make a beeline before globally acclaimed business schools in countries like the US, UK, Canada, etc. The obsession is justified as MBA jobs in abroad or job opportunities after MBA tend to rise many folds in most cases.

However, with ever-increasing competition, one can no longer be fully assured of MBA jobs in the USA for international students. Therefore, it’s becoming more crucial today to add more depth to your resume by doing some additional courses or certification programs after completing your MBA.

Top 10 MBA Jobs in Abroad for International Students

If you have questions like “After completing an MBA, what jobs can I get?” or “What can we study after an MBA in abroad?” read on as here is a compilation of the best paying international jobs for MBA graduates, and what you can study to have the best shot at those jobs. However, note that post-MBA work opportunities never remain the same. Instead, they may vary depending on the candidate’s networking skills, interpersonal skills, global job market, and the prevailing economic conditions in the world.

1. Risk Management

Whether it’s a natural calamity like a flood, cyclone, wildfire, earthquake, etc., or a man-made disaster like an act of theft, vandalism, or terrorist attacks, the modern world is full of risks at every level. Therefore, risk management has evolved into one of the specialist job opportunities after MBA.

A risk management official ensures that a workplace adheres to the statutory safety norms. Additionally, such individuals provide valuable inputs regarding identifying potential threats and finding preventive solutions for them. From formulating emergency protocols and preventing financial losses to filing indemnity paperwork and assisting in clean-up efforts, a competent risk manager is an integral part of the management of large corporate firms.

2. Corporate Auditing

Economic offenses and crimes are at an all-time high across the globe. Corporate auditors are experts in number crunching. They audit the financial data of a company to identify and flag potential misappropriations. They can also advise the management’s top brass on policy changes to introduce more transparency in the system.
Moreover, they analyze the company’s balance sheets, follow international accounting standards, and report any discrepancies by executives to the appropriate authorities.

3. Sales and Marketing

No matter how good, a product is useless if it can’t reach the targeted customer. Sales and marketing professionals are masters of persuasion. They know how to connect with the target customer through clever advertising strategies and marketing campaigns. Thus, the sales and marketing profile is one of the potential MBA jobs in abroad for MBA freshers or graduates.

The job of a marketing manager today is expanding. As a marketing manager, it would be your responsibility to arrange for market research, prepare sales pitches for juniors, assess competitions, and set the right promotional strategy.

4. Real Estate Development

Many experts wrote off the real estate industry after the 2009 global economic crisis. However, the sector proved everyone wrong and is still one of the most thriving industries worldwide. Real estate development personnel are always looking for land and properties that could be developed in various ways.
From negotiating a fair price, arranging loans, and renovating a property to assessing the viability of large-scale projects, a real estate manager has to wear many hats as per the company’s needs.

5. Government Affairs

Many emerging economies have stringent government rules and regulations. The job of a government affairs manager is to understand the complex local statutory rules and ensure that the company complies with them with the least possible hassle. Such individuals need to study the local law, taxation rules, and sometimes the cultural implications too.

6. Logistics and Supply Chain

Large consignments of goods and shipments change borders and traverse continents through air cargo and container ships. Companies need intelligent and dedicated professionals who excel in logistics and supply chain management. Such personnel is responsible for preparing cost estimates, coordinating with vendors, procuring raw materials, tracking deliveries, and other relevant jobs.

7. Chief Executive Officer

From Sunder Pichai of Google to Jaime Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, approximately one-third of Fortune 500 companies have CEOs with an MBA background. Competent CEOs with a strong vision to lead the company forward are always in high demand. Of course, you can’t expect to become a CEO right after leaving your B-school, but an MBA degree can definitely set you in the right direction to get there someday.

8. Business Development Manager

Another one of the popular jobs in abroad for MBA freshers/ graduates is to become a business development manager as most companies is are looking forward to expanding their global footprints. The role of a business development manager is to craft strategies for expansion, research upcoming business trends, suggest the right investments, and select regions for the next possible expansion areas.

9. Data Analysts

They say the data is the new oil. Statistics and data can play a significant role in executive decisions. Therefore, companies need analysts who can deploy statistical models and make sense of the humongous raw data to filter meaningful information such as the diverse consumer demographics, interpret results, analyze sales volumes, and present data-backed insights to their findings. A data analyst’s report can act as fuel for brainstorming new corporate ideas.

10. Cyber Security Management

MBA graduates with a strong background in information technology can pursue a rewarding career in cyber security management. Cyber attacks and data breaches are the priority concern for every company today. You can no longer rely on a good old anti-virus alone to protect data from a widescale cyber attack or hacking.

Cyber security experts are responsible for implementing the appropriate protocols to keep sensitive data safe. They can frame in-house IT policies, install firewalls, check password strengths, and make advanced protocols to respond to threats without losing too much time. They are also responsible for carrying out disaster recovery.
Now, let’s look at the post-MBA courses you can undertake to increase your chances of getting hired to the desired job profiles mentioned above for MBA jobs in abroad.

Sr. No. Job Profile Additional Course with or after MBA
1 Risk Management Asset management, insurance, risk evaluation in an enterprise, etc
2 Corporate Auditing Internal auditing, local taxation rules, courses related to the prevention of financial fraud, forensic accounting
3 Sales and Marketing Advertising, eCommerce, public relations, behavior psychology, product management
4 Real Estate Development Real estate laws, contract laws, urban planning, community development models, etc.
5 Government Affairs Corporate laws, companies act of a country, regulatory laws, and policymaking
6 Logistics and Supply Chain Design and manufacturing, quality control, procurement methods, logistics
7 Chief Executive Officer Organizational behavior, conflict resolution, leadership
8 Business Development Manager Project management, entrepreneurship, studying emerging markets
9 Data Analysts Statistics, data science, artificial intelligence, SQL
10 Cyber Security Management Digital forensics, ethical hacking, cyber security

There is no shortage of international jobs for MBA graduates with the right skills and a willingness to further their careers in the corporate world. All you need is clarity of thought and a strong desire to make your mark.

FAQs related to Job Opportunities after MBA in Abroad

1. Are there any jobs abroad for MBA freshers?

Although MBA graduates with work experience are preferred by companies, MBA freshers are also routinely hired. Such candidates must work on networking skills and present a strong resume before the interviewer.

2. Is it necessary to pursue post-MBA courses to get a job?

No, undergoing post-MBA training or courses is not necessary or mandatory. However, such courses are recommended to add more value to your resume.

3. Why should I pursue an MBA abroad?

Pursuing an MBA abroad provides you with much-needed international exposure. You get to mingle with people from different nationalities and enrich your experience. Besides, your job prospects would be on a global scale.

4. What companies can hire me after my MBA abroad?

There is no shortage of companies regularly going on a hiring spree for MBA grads. Google, Meta, Mckinsey & Company, JPMorgan Chase, and many other Fortune 500 companies routinely hire MBAs for various positions in their organization.

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