Formats of GMAT coaching

“The best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today!”

So let’s talk about your GMAT preparatory classes. At PythaGURUS, we have a result-oriented pedagogy and refined methodology to prepare our students for their exam. We consistently strive towards improving our processes to deliver the best GMAT results, not just in Gurgaon, but all across the world!

Here are some of the things you don’t know about PythaGURUS:

  • Did you know? 5 out of 15 Indians in Darden this year are from PythaGURUS. 33.3% of Indian students going to a TOP 10 MBA program are from PythaGURUS. We are very proud to have accomplished this.
  • 4. We bagged scholarships from Top Tier MBA Programs of 84.26 Crores (USD 12 Million) and are still counting!
  • With an average background and no understanding of short term goals, Srijan cracked MIT Sloan with PythaGURUS.
  • In one academic year, 16% of Indians at Cornell’s MBA Program were from PythaGURUS. We have done that.
  • One Applicant, Salika Chaudhary, bagged 3.17 Crores of scholarships- Highest grossing scholarship is from PythaGURUS.
  • Second Highest Grossing Scholarship is also from PythaGURUS. With an average profile, Umesh Kathuria bagged 2 Crores of scholarships with PythaGURUS. We did it.
  • With a Medicine background, Sonam had no understanding of MBA goals and knew nothing about an MBA. PythaGURUS helped her crack Kellogg School of Management.
  • With 11 Rejections from the previous years, Vikram finally got a 1.17 Crores of Scholarships with PythaGURUS.
  • Ashutosh was rejected by Duke in a previous attempt, and he cracked STANFORD with PythaGURUS.
  • A Canadian citizen and our first non-Indian applicant, Jovan, trusted an Indian MBA Consulting firm PythaGURUS and cracked Darden and Stern with 80 Lakhs of scholarship for him.
  • An applicant with 1.5 years of gap in work experience and an average profile cracked Columbia Business School with PythaGURUS.
  • Shreya Gupta had a series of rejections from average schools in previous attempts, and she cracked a Top 10 US MBA Program with 50% Scholarship with PythaGURUS.

We provide coaching both, via a classroom program and an online program. Check out the salient features of both and think what fits best for you!

Our online coaching programs enable us to reach out to a wider network of GMAT aspirants. We are teaching students in India, Singapore, Dubai, Canada and other countries. One-on-one live classes are done through Skype with whiteboard. Why not take a trial class and see for yourself? What’s more? It’s totally free of charge.

Read more about our approach:

  • We like to know you better! An initial diagnostic test is administered to understand the student strengths and weaknesses. The score is just for the student to understand the level at which he/she is starting. Irrespective of the scores, the concepts are taught from the basics to the advanced level.
  • Smaller groups with individual attention: We prefer having a limited number of students in our batches as this helps in giving personalized attention to each child.
  • The PythaGURUS journals: We give our own set of books/materials designed by our experienced team of faculty. The books covers detailed and in depth coverage of all topics asked in the GMAT exam.
  • Result oriented training: The aim is to get the best possible score for the student, maximizing his/her potential.