Formats of SAT coaching

“The best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today!”

So let’s talk about your SAT preparatory classes. At PythaGURUS, we have a result-oriented pedagogy and refined methodology to prepare our students for their SAT exam. We consistently strive towards improving our processes to deliver the best SAT results, not just in Gurgaon, but all across the world!

Here are some of the reasons why we outshine the others!

  • Our aspiring students have on an average, experienced a jump of 410 points in their SAT scores!
  • Scholarships and financial aid assistance; PythaGURUS students have bagged a whopping 84.26 Crores of Scholarships from top universities!
  • SAT curriculum with practise questions curated by Ivy League graduates themselves!
  • Faculty with countless accolades and a decade of SAT training and research experience
  • 25 of full length tests; including 400-500 situation-based questions. Personalised feedback on your test performance
  • Flexibility to attend multiple batches and review classes
  • Free trial and complimentary counselling sessions for your next steps

We provide coaching both, via a classroom program and an online program. Check out the salient features of both and think what fits best for you!