GMAT Testimonial – 720 Scorer

GMAT Testimonial – 710 Scorer

What Makes Us Effective?


Our Curriculum

Top 10 US University Graduates have led curriculum Development at PythaGURUS Education. Read More

Our Faculty

PythaGURUS Education is recognized for having one of the best Faculty bodies in the Industry. Read More

Challenge and Rigor

Rigorous Orientation: All the programs designed at PythaGURUS education are rigorous and geared towards creating a strong jump in the final scores of the students. Read More

Advantages of Choosing PythaGURUS for
GMAT Preparation

Access to 700 to 800 Level
Questions right from first week

Flexibility to attend multiple batches and review classes

Well Designed curriculum created by Top 10 MBA Graduates, and 99th percentile scorers

Access to 700 to 800 Level
Questions right from first week

Senior faculty with more than a Decade of GMAT Training experience

25 Full length test to prepare you for the final test day

Personalized feedback on your test performance

MBA Scholarships and Financial Aid Seminars led by the Top 10 MBA Graduates

How can you get 100% Scholarships?

This is a very important note for all the GMAT Coaching Students: Read this carefully as this will really help you as you move forward with your GMAT Preparations.

As a part of our GMAT Preparation program, A lot of you ask me- HOW Can I GET 100% Scholarships? My life gave me opportunities to get more than 80 Crores of Scholarships for you from TOP Tier MBA Programs. I wanted to share with you what can you do to minimize your Financial BURDEN. I wish I could get 100% for everyone- I cannot as the Schools have got to CHARGE Somebody to RUN their costs – But I can really make things better for you. Just follow the steps.

Before you explore 100% scholarships, let me explain the concept of Scholarships to you: And we conduct a lot of seminars on scholarships with our GMAT Coaching Classroom Students, and I will encourage you to attend one of those.

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GMAT Score – 730
3.17 Crores Scholarship

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