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What Is GMAT At PythaGURUS?

  • STUDY IN A RIGOROUS 11 Week GMAT Training
    ( 11 Verbal Classes + 11 Quant Classes )
  • BE EXPOSED TO VERY Challenging 700-800 Series Questions on Verbal Gain Access to GMATRIX: Most Powerful System Created for GMAT Quant
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Rigorous 11 week program that comes with a one year continued complimentary support to all our GMAT aspirants, PythaGURUS GEM’ Program is the only GMAT Preparation offering in the country that includes Resume Review, and training on ” building short term and long term MBA goals for Tier 1 business schools “.

PythaGURUS Education Institute is the Only GMAT Preparations Coaching Institute offering this comprehensive program in Delhi, Gurgaon.


  • Rigorous GMAT training/ Coaching on Critical reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Correction
  • Special attention to 700-800 level series questions
  • 11 GMAT classes of 3 hours each and doubt clearing sessions. 25 Full Length GMAT Tests
  • Comprehensive preparation to work on both concepts and the stamina


  • 11 GMAT classes of 3 hours each and doubt clearing sessions
  • MOST Comprehensive Online Portal: Set of Sample GMAT Questions that are closely representative of the real GMAT Questions.
    • – TOPIC( 11 different categories)
    • – Question Type: Data Sufficiency        or Problem Solving.
    • – Difficulty Level: 500-600 Level,         600-700 Level, 700-800 Level.


  • Helping you identify major flaw, gap or discrepancy in your profile
  • Training on creating the right mix of skill sets catering to the right audience
  • Maximising the impact of each bullet on the resume


  • Helping candidates shortlist their post MBA target career
  • One complete cycle of short term and long term goals review
  • Exposing candidates to the process of professional story telling
  • Past Experience + Business School = Short term and long term goals

Part 1: Verbal and Maths Curriculum

Our Integrated Curriculum includes classes and regular weekly exercises that help the students to build a strong conceptual understanding of the entire range of topics that appear on GMAT.
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Quantitative Section

During our 11 week curriculum, we re-teach you some of the concepts that you may have learnt in your school days. Every class is a new learning experience that comes with teaching style, concepts and the question exercises that are equivalent to those tested on the main exam. The rigorous classroom sessions of 3 hours each are complemented with doubt sessions on the weekends and weekdays.

PythaGURUS ONLINE STUDENT ACCESS: PythaGURUS GMATRIX, A VERY POWERFUL SYSTEM for GMAT Quant to will allow you to customize your GMAT Quant preparation and catch hold of your accuracy rates at various intervals.

How is GMATRIX designed to help you and make your preparation convenient yet challenging?

A. MOST Comprehensive Online Portal: Set of Sample GMAT Questions that are closely representative of the real GMAT Questions.

B. Questions are not in any RANDOM order. You can identify the problem areas you want to work on:

1. TOPIC( 11 different categories)

2. Question Type: Data Sufficiency or Problem Solving

3. Difficulty Level: 500-600 Level, 600-700 Level, 700-800 Level

C. Solutions and Explanations: These exercises and questions will come with very comprehensive explanations so as to enable you to refine your logic, and work on your areas of improvement.

D. Theory and Academic Learning: Each of the areas of GMAT’s Maths are well supported with the concepts that will form the basic building block of the preparation. Concepts that are tied together in the same online portal to assist you in starting from the grass root level.

E. Why Convenient: You get to identify and work on each of the individual areas, learn the theory, and be an expert in any of the TOPICS, Question Type, and the Difficulty Level before moving over to the Full Length Tests. All of these questions come handy solutions.

F. Why Challenging: You get exposed to the most challenging questions that are very closely representative of what you get on the main exam.

Whom will it work for? What is the Student Category?

You could be any of the two extreme categories: An IIT Engineering Grad who scored 100 on Maths in school or an English Honours Grad from Delhi University who was very creative in the overall approach but never wanted to work on subjects that require analytical thinking. Just so you know, both of you have very different problems.

There are times when the first category is busting hard to get a 51 and is stuck around 49/51 despite getting 99 percentile accuracy rates in the IIM CAT. Do you know that the difference between 49 and 51 can be 30-40 points on GMAT?

On the other hand, people from English Honours background or other subjects barely related to quantitative face difficulties in understanding how to start from the basics or how to do various categories of question from the scratch?

Integrated Reasoning

A recent introduction to the GMAT exam preparation, integrated reasoning requires aspirants to employ data interpretation techniques that are representative of either the real life scenarios that the managers will face in the industries or the case studies that the MBA students will face from the day one at any business school. All the top tier MBA schools lay a great emphasis on data based decision making across various functions, and getting a good grasp of this section is imperative to be a successful manager. With top GMAT scorers (GMAT 790) and top B-School Graduates leading our content and R&D teams, we offer classes that facilitate a great jump in the accuracy rates of the students.

Verbal Section and AWA 

One of the weaker areas of people taking test from the Asian Sub-continent, Verbal forms 50% of the GMAT exam. In addition to struggling with Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning, most of the students from India face a lot of problems with Reading Comprehension. We start with building your basics around these areas in order to well equip you with the skills necessary to crack this section. During our classes, we follow an appropriate mix of rule based teaching and skill based learning.

Special Emphasis on 700 – 800 Level Questions

GMAT has different tiers of questions segregated across difficulty levels ranging from 200 – 800 level. i.e. A 700 + level question is harder than a 500+ level question. In addition, the official sources such as the official guide and the tests on ( the official site ) are not very representative of the high level of difficulty questions that they throw on the main exam. We have developed a unique comprehensive question bank at PythaGURUS that helps you prepare for the real test, and those questions are a great representation of the real scenario. Register for a Demo at any of our locations to gain a better understanding of the study material and question bank at PythaGURUS.Click here to download our e-Brochure

Full Length Tests

Stamina plays a very important role in your overall performance on the main GMAT exam, and we address it in the early stages of the GMAT preparation. We insert appropriate computer adaptive tests at regular time intervals. It is very important to see yourself in a test environment and get used to beating the fatigue that results from a four hour long test. During your stay with us, we will encourage you to take 25 computer adaptive tests and multiple paper tests that are inserted during the weekdays. We handhold you and build your strategy around practicing the right mix of questions, tests that further builds your stamina and prepares you well for the final day.

Part 2: Resume Review and MBA Goals Orientation:

GEM, GMAT ELITE MBA PROGRAM, was introduced to minimize the gap between our candidate’s understanding, and the requirements of their perspective business schools.
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Based on our experiences with a lot of diverse applicants, we realized that even after getting a very high score on GMAT, some candidates were oblivious to the entire application process. Students scored 740 10 days before the deadline of Harvard, and were surprised to know that Harvard would not even interview them because of the story they had built.

Some of them had 3-5 years of work experience in the IT Consulting environment and were looking for just any avenue to get out of their current role, and move into management. Their understanding of Business School was limited to getting an education on the resume that will take them further in their path to leadership. While that is understandable, we also know that most of them did not have a great understanding of “Why is the knowledge of Short term and long term MBA goals important for the MBA aspirants” and why is it important to know it ahead of time. It is quite understandable and normal if a lot of our readers are not aware of what we are talking about in this article, but our agenda was to introduce this to you ahead of time. We are very certain that at some point in your cycle of applying to the business schools, you will have an awe-inspiring moment that will make this picture very clear to you. Our agenda was to reveal the importance “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”

We asked a lot of candidates who had secured very high GMAT Scores or were still in the process of preparing for GMAT “Why do you need an MBA?” and we got the following responses:

  • I want an MBA as I want to develop and hone my leadership skills
  • I want an MBA so as to gain a thorough managerial perspective
  • I want an MBA to earn more money
  • I want an MBA so as to be able to get a strong promotion and I will also get to travel internationally
  • A management consultant simply wants to make partner.
  • An entrepreneur simply wants to succeed at building some sort of company.
  • An investment banker just wants to rise in the investment bank’s hierarchy.

For these goals to be visionary, each of the above hypothetical applicants would need to have some greater mission. If the consultant wanted to eventually focus on a specific sector that excited her or if the entrepreneur was interested in working on specific kind of business or if the investment banker was concerned with the impact of her work on something beyond her own career development than that greater mission would be in place.

It was through these responses that we realized that there was a strong gap in candidates’ understanding of what a business school would be looking for in the entire candidature. We realized that there will be absolutely no point in making a candidate secure a 740 if he or she can’t pull out a good story and use that score into creating a great success story.

In addition to these, there were very “Internally Aware” candidates who were thorough in their expectations from an MBA program and had a strong clarity of their short term career goals, we realized that their career goals did not match the school’s expectations at all, and that could have been disastrous for these very smart and inspired candidates.
There are two goals that we plan to meet through this program:

  • Building Strong Concepts and Stamina across Maths and Verbal through a very rigorous GMAT Training Program.
  • Build a very strong understanding of Business Schools, and make the candidates aware of their candidature, and aspirations for future.  


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