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After creating an enormous number of success stories on the previous version of GRE, we have successfully transitioned to the new pattern. The new GRE requires a strong understanding of the grass root level concepts in both mathematics and verbal, and a decent understanding of the vocabulary. In addition to the multiple choice questions on the previous pattern, there are new set of questions on the new exam that require students to fill in the right answer in a box as opposed to hitting multiple answer choices in the old pattern. The ballpark and estimation techniques offered by a lot of companies do not work in these scenarios, and students tend to lose control over their accuracy. The shortcuts/quick tips that just do not seem to work outside their classrooms and students find it enormously difficult to crack the hard questions. Our focus is not only to equip you with those time saving tricks and techniques but also create a strong foundation that goes a long way in facilitating you when you are answering those real questions on the day of the test.We track your accuracy rates in all the areas in both mathematics and verbal. Our goal is to generate an understanding of your weaker areas, polish your strengths so as to enable you to get your target scores. There are students who are very strong in problem solving though, they are miserable in reading comprehension. Similarly, there are people who can ace reading comprehension within first 5 weeks but reach a bottleneck of 70% accuracy rates in Text Completion. Our goal is to help you attain a very high accuracy rates across these areas, and get a good jump in your scores.

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Quantitative Section

Every class is a new learning experience that comes with teaching style, concepts and the exhaustive practice exercises representative of the questions tested on the main exam.

Verbal Section and AWA

In addition to struggling with vocabulary related questions such as sentence equivalence and text completion, most of the students from India face a lot of problems with Reading Comprehension.

Special Emphasis on Tough Questions

GRE has different tiers of questions split across two different sections for both mathematics and verbal. The difficulty level on the second section for both the subjects is relatively higher than the first one. We at PythaGURUS lay a great emphasis on the tough questions, and prepare our students for the real grind in the main exam.

Full Length Tests

In any of the GRE Exams, it is imperative for the students to maintain their accuracy rates for over 190 minutes. We insert appropriate computer adaptive tests at regular time intervals. During your stay with us, you take more than 20 computer tests.

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