August 6, 2018

How do I score 100% on the GMAT?

Well- You and I have one LIFE 🙂 and there are much better things to do than scoring 800 on a GMAT.

If you are looking to crack an Upper A category school( H/S/W/Columbia/Booth …..) , you should be fine even with a score range between 730 to 780. These programs look for a lot of other qualities in your candidature. Build those after getting your 730 to 770/780 score.

I have seen a lot of people crack top schools even with a 700 Score.

IIT’s /DU Admissions/ CAT Percentile- We have been trained to crack examinations. 3 to 4 years before we complete school, the whole Game of competitive examinations takes over our lives. An average Indian student spends a lot of time learning linear equations, permutations Combinations, Grammar, Vocabulary Lists, Current affairs, and a lot of things that the world throws at us.

We don’t get enough time to ask- How can I gain Leadership skill sets to impact the current situation in the community, School, College, work etc. ? We do not build genuine interests in a problem that we want to solve. We start tagging ourselves as 10th and 12th class marks.

Leading PythaGURUS for 10 years now, I get enough opportunities to speak with very diverse candidate with zero to 18 years of work experience, and one common pattern is that a lot of us associate ourselves with our performance in board examinations, undergraduate degrees, and we treat ourselves as Numbers. This desire to get over the past also drives us to seek admiration from the society by making us chase the wide variety of competitive examinations.

Why can’t we identify a CAUSE we want to live for, and then identify the skill sets, and education needed to fulfil that purpose. ( Read- Is getting an MBA worth it? ) – Also Read- Which is better MBA in Finance or Marketing? If previous background is B. Tech IT) On the way to fulfilling that purpose, we can explore what skill sets are we looking to gain, and then may be identify what universities to go to, what tests to take to crack those institutions. And TRUST Me- these institutions will not ask you to get a perfect 800.

Find a bigger purpose in life fighting with a Man Made score, in an artificially created game called- WHO EVER GETS THE HIGHEST Marks WINS! This victory without a purpose won’t be worthy of your life when you are 70.

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