12 MAY 2019

How do I spent the next 6/8 months, if I’m applying to Harvard/Wharton? My academics suck, but I have a suitable profile and just need to work a year more. I went back to my country and got a “suitable profile” job, but I’m absolutely miserable.

If I were you, I would try to get a job that gets me closer to my post MBA short term goals. You have 1 year and 8 months to do this job( before your MBA kicks off), and I am sure that is justifiable. Find the right recruiter and gather newer skill sets.

I will not recommend you to insert a thick gap in the professional work experience. You seem to have a great profile. You are also doing the right things by meeting the school early( I hope you are establishing relationships, and doing things that will make them remember you). I certainly hope you will make class visits to these programs somewhere around August.

Look at this. It might help you with the current job/new job decision.

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Good Luck !

Jatin Bhandari

PythaGURUS MBA Admissions



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