12 MAY 2019

How should I build my profile for top business schools?

Now that you have asked for it, I will take this opportunity to construct an ideal profile for the Top schools, and I will be unrestrained in my expression.

A. This candidate will have a great understanding of the short term and long term goals. He will have a detailed understanding of the industry and functions he will be a part of immediately after MBA. The research will be so comprehensive that he will even know the positions that his target recruiters hired for.


B. This candidate will have very strong reasons for joining that particular program. He will have conducted a great amount of research by talking to the existing students, and the alumni body. Simply researching on the website will not allow you to tell them “Why you want to join TUCK or Columbia?” He will have created a list of questions that he plans to ask the alumni body. It is not about conducting personal interviews. It is about knowing how that school will help you in your future.
Read this below. You will know what I mean

Directly from my blog.

Most Important Expression for a B – School: Why do I love you ?

C. This candidate will have a GMAT Score of more than 750 J …Higher the better

D. This candidate will have great stories in his/her extra-curricular activities. It is not about stating facts. They are more interested in learning “Why you performed those activities and what you learnt out of those? This candidate will have led many social/cultural activities, and will showcase a pattern that will add value to the school’s alumni body in the future as well.

Look at what you can do in your extracurricular activities.


E. This bullet will help. This candidate will have also worked with one of the feeder companies. There are many companies that are on the top of the recruiting charts. While you do not have to necessarily belong to these companies, it still helps if you have worked in companies such as Google, Microsoft, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, KKR, PWC, Facebook( and many more). Having been nurtured in the leadership of these companies, you become a good target for the top schools. If you look up the hiring patterns at the top schools, you will notice that many candidates come from these selected companies.
F. This candidate will have a very candid expression on the essays. Remember: They are not driven by heavy-weight vocabulary on your essays. It is more about story telling and expressing your life. It is more about “Why did you do whatever you did?”. It is about “What matters most to you?”. You will also have very effective letter of recommendations. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS YOURSELF. Have your bosses write those for you. Take this SERIOUSLY.

I know that it is not easy to qualify all the parameters described above. However, since you asked a very subjective question, I wanted to be unrestrained in my expression.
Jatin bhandari
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