July 25, 2019

How to reschedule your GMAT?

After spending three-months prepping for the GMAT and paying a $250 fee, what would you do if you can’t give the test for some reason?

A lot of students face this dilemma. The reasons every student has might be different. Some maybe more valid than the others, but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether you take the GMAT or not. The test is a preparation for business school, and if you’re not ready for it, it only makes sense that you be able to decide against giving the test.

Can you reschedule the GMAT?

Rescheduling the GMAT is an option, but an expensive one. No GMAT rescheduling comes without a fee. If you reschedule your GMAT more than 7 days before you’re scheduled to take the test, you will be charged a fee of $50. This roughly translates in Rs. 3500 for an Indian MBA applicant.

This is basically nothing compared to the fee you will have to pay if you reschedule your GMAT test within the last week before your test. GMAC will charge you a $250 fee for a rescheduling within the last 7 days before your scheduled test.

You will be, in a sense, paying for the GMAT all over again.

You are also not allowed to cancel or reschedule your GMAT test within the last 24 hours before your exam. This means, that if you cannot make it to the test-center for some reason, your official GMAT-score report will not reflect that date.

Why should I not reschedule my GMAT?

We have all had pre-exam jitters. Some of you might have even had pre-wedding cold feet. The take-away here is that being anxious doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad decision.

You are bound to feel nervous as your GMAT exam date approaches. Do not take that as a valid reason to reschedule your GMAT exam. With the amount of cancellation or rescheduling fee you will be paying, treat yourself after the exam instead.

This also applies to having low scores on practice tests before the actual GMAT. At the least, you’ll get to experience the test for exactly what it is, and can be better prepared for the next time you schedule it.

We do understand that some situations like family emergencies could warrant a possible rescheduling. In such a situation, the fee wouldn’t be such a big price to pay.

How to Reschedule the GMAT

Simply log into your account to reschedule your GMAT exam. Here, you will be able to change the location, test center, or time of the GMAT exam as per your convenience. You will have to pay the rescheduling charges online once your request has been processed.

If you have to change the location of the test from one country to another, you will be required to make the changes via a phone call.


Since we have established that being underprepared is not a good enough reason for rescheduling your GMAT exam, doing some last-minute prep might help you. It won’t be able to help you score 700+ but can at least boost your score and confidence a little higher than where it currently is.

Here are some last week GMAT prep tips to help you conquer the test.

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