Life changing secrets of the MBA Applicants

April 24th, 2018

“Let me tell you why do I have an average profile Jatin” – this is how most of you win in the discussions by telling strangers and even yourselves that your candidature is not worth it. I get many emails from all of you asking me to assess your ask me to analyze and tell you if you belong to a “below average/average/excellent or an amazing category”. you want me to tag you on the basis of your mindset. I want to share some secrets with you-

Secret # 1: there are times I am very impressed with your resume and your presence. however, when I sit with you, most of you take good 20 minutes to convince me that you have an average candidature and that you are nothing. think about it this way- for me, you are a stranger and I do not know anything about you besides your resume. and if there is any chance that your resume is impressive.

You take the ownership of telling me that “ Jatin you must have misread- I have a horrible profile- let me explain you why” you take 20 minutes and i get convinced that you are not worth a top 40 school or I start getting feeling that you will not be an easy story for a top school and you change my interpretations completely (the one I had developed after screening that nice resume from a stranger. Even if your profile is degenerated, I get a feeling that it is better than your interpretations about yourself. honestly!

– Secret # 2: you go out everywhere in the world and start drumming about your average profile. if you have had a strong gap in your work experience or if you have a gpa that stinks, I can understand that. but other than that, some of you with above average profiles actually have a story in your mind that makes you really think that you do not belong to a great category.

you should also understand- when you are telling others that your profile is nothing, do you know who else is listening? “You”

You are listening to it yourself continuously . You are setting it in stone for yourself.

– Secret # 3: You confuse yourselves with Products. For example, an AIR conditioner with 1.5 tonnes capacity is limited to its tonnage. it cannot change, and it will behave in the exact same way through out its life. Unfortunately, you also think of yourself in the same way. you think you are a product with fixed characteristics that cannot change. you tag yourself just as we tag products in our lives (apple vs. dell/samsung etc. ).

I also meet people who come with average profiles from the past but are keen on turning around everything for themselves, but this category is a minority (I am guessing less than 5%).

I wish you could really understand this. although, I know that if you have decided that you are an average profile, you will think this email is rocket science. your brain will tell you that.

Jatin Bhandari

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