July 10, 2019

MBA Admissions Consulting Tip Start Networking Right now Step by Step approach

I got a very important insight from all of my MBA admission consulting candidates- and wanted to share it with you and pay it forward it by giving it back to you.

Knowing something does not help. And our brain stops us from taking many actions despite knowing that they are going to add value.

Despite knowing that MBA Networking is important- most of you will not have started this activity till late November. DO IT (I am writing DO IT despite knowing that only 5 to 10% will ACT and the rest will relegate this to a Distant Future.

Wanted to share a defining step for the people targeting the first round of MBA applications. If you have not started MBA networking yet, please do so now….I hope you follow these.  You will take time to understand the differences between different MBA programs only with time. Without the right MBA networking approach- a TOP TIER ADMIT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN- 

Here are some of the easy steps that can get you started on MBA networking.

  1. Build an excel sheet with different tabs for different business schools. In Every Tab, have the name of the contacts listed ahead of time.
  2. Create two separate emails *(first intro email and the second follow up email) to reach out to the target masses.
  3. Having a very Strong equation of employability. It is important to have your Past +MBA degree=Short term and Long Term goals fixed before you speak with the alumni and the existing students.
  4. The Equation of employability has to be woven around the past skill sets (transferrable skill sets) + the AHA Moments.
  5. Create an Elevator pitch that will allow you to introduce yourself to the target masses within 100 to 120 seconds. Once you start the MBA interviews, you can have longer introductions, but in the MBAx networking conversations, the intro has to be limited to less than 120 seconds.
  6. Have the right set of questions.
    1. Internship related questions (not fact based but Intention based. Do not ask what is already available on the website)
    2. Questions related to the electives and the architecture of the curriculum- Be specific when you are trying to understand how the curriculum has transformed their ability to perform in their post MBA Job.
    3. Questions related to the professors, and some of the rockstar faculty-
    4. Questions related to percentage of internationals securing jobs within your target industries and functions
    5. How approachable are the alumni of your target business school? How many times do you get to meet McKinsey before submitting the resume for interviews? (Or whatever employer you had in mind)

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