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The MBA Admissions Counseling/ Consulting and Applications Service at PythaGURUS:

We have been able to create amazing groundbreaking results for very diverse set of applicants. Our ability to turn around the outcomes was showcased by the IMPRESSIVE SUCCESS STORIES we created with our applicants.



There were times when, with our MBA admissions counseling services, we created success for people who had failed miserably in as many as 10 to 14 applications in earlier attempts with another MBA Admissions Consultant, and we took charge of creating a breakthrough. An applicant with this history walks in with a lot of trust issues, and a continuously buzzing background noise. They want to assess by asking wrong questions such as “What all do you cover in your services?”



In this MBA Admissions counseling endeavour, we worked with professionals who were widespread in their functional and industry exposure.While the first category was of candidates who were senior leaders, were well accomplished, and had managed significant responsibilities for Fortune 500 companies, and the rationale behind an MBA was not easily justifiable, the second category was very different. It included software professionals from TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and other peer companies where candidates worked on very basic roles related to software development and testing. With these candidates, it was tougher to monetize the impact of their actions on projects or even create leadership stories that the admission committee members can relate to from a different space. They had a TECHNICAL STORY and we worked with them on creating a BUSINESS STORY. They required extensive support in understanding “How have they created an impact in their existing organization?” in addition to an expertise in expression and formal business language.


As MBA Admission Consultants, we also worked with very smart investment banking and private equity analystswho had a great understanding of the MBA programs, but had stories that could not have resonated with the admission committee members. While they aspired to make a killing by making investments in the distressed securities in the under-developed economies in the longer term, we had to work with them in mellowing down their tones, and helping them understand the value proposition they can project in their goals. We were averse to creating stories that belonged to the “Masters of the Universe” who lacked meaningful interests outside their work commitments, and droned incessantly on the deals in their resume, essays, and the letters of recommendations.

A lot of our candidates were accomplished management consultants from Bain, BCG, PWC, and E&Y. They knew what they were looking for from an MBA, but required an extra edge and mature understanding of the business schools, and needed help in creating a distinguished story. Our job as MBA Admission Consultants was to create applications coherent with the requirements of the admissions committee members at top schools.


PythaGURUS will provide a very comprehensive MBA counseling and consultation across all the stages of TIER one MBA admissions. Please download our Admissions Brochure or click here to learn more about the details of the MBA Admissions Consulting Services at PythaGURUS.


MAD SERIES (MBA Admission Series): In order to showcase our understanding and our strengths to the Student community, we took several initiatives. One of our recent programs, MAD Series, transcended majority of the MBA Seminars in the country. As a part of this initiative, we conducted 15 seminars on the HOT TOPICS IN MBA ADMISSIONS. While there are country wide seminars on the plain vanilla Do’s and Don’t’s on an application, the value creation of the MAD Series surpassed the expectations that existed in the minds of the attendees. The vibrant engagement made many of our students create strong results with many tier one MBA programs across the Globe.

We take pride in being the TOP MBA Admission Consultants for very diverse of applicants from India, US, Europe, Singapore, Canada, and other countries.

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Planning to apply this year? Browse through the resources below. We generate them to showcase our strengths in MBA Admissions Consulting, and applicants get immense value out of these.


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