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Short-listing Schools

This is the stage one of the applications in which we help you in picking up the right schools. These schools will primarily be selected on the basis of:

  • Financial Aid: Private Loan Programs and scholarship funds of these schools
  • Geographical Preferences of the candidates
  • Career Orientation: Different schools have different MBA offerings and we assist the candidates in understanding the right match for them

Candidature: Building the candidature of the applicants will include the following
Employment History

An employment history will capture your roles and responsibilities throughout your career. It will be a repository of your skill sets, your career progression, and will assist your prospective schools in understanding your candidature.


Catering to a wider audience, a B-school resume will project an appropriate mix of skill sets, diversity, and set you as an accomplished and an affirming candidate. A B-school resume is not same as a job resume and will supplement the responsibilities on the employment history and will be a well structured repository of your professional/personal/community/academic achievements.

Personal Statement: Building up a personal statement involves the following:

One of the terms you will very frequently hear in a personal statement is Employability: Employability is the most important factor taken into consideration by top schools while short-listing candidates and is a pure narration of “What do I want to do in the short term and long term post an MBA from your school and how does an MBA from your school fit into the entire picture?”. In our experiences, most of the applicants have very naive expressions on the essays and do not understand the reality of careers that exist in the industry. There are others who express unrealistic goals and make this personal statement a “Statement of Dreams”

Goals Assignment and Employability will be the most strenuous exercise as it includes a considerable amount of research on your industry and functional preferences. Let us take an example of financial Services: Plainly expressing that you want to make a career in finance will not help. You ought to articulate in greater details your reasons for pursuing any of the career paths.

Finance – Commercial Banking
Finance – Consumer Banking
Finance – Investment Banking
Finance – Investment Fund Management
Finance – Investment Research/Analysis
Finance – Investment Strategy/Portfolio Management
Finance – Private Equity
Finance – Project Finance
Finance – Real Estate
Finance – Sales and Trading
Finance/Corporate – Accounting
Finance/Corporate – Strategy
Finance/Corporate – Treasury
Consulting – Financial Advisory

If you are keen on making a career in finance by starting an MBA program at one of the top tier schools specializing in finance, you ought to spend time on creating these goals, and sound accepting and affirming.
Similarly, some of our previous candidates who wanted to establish a career in marketing looked at the following sub categories:

Marketing – Advertising
Marketing – Brand Management
Marketing – Business Development
Marketing – Channel Management
Marketing – Communications
Marketing – CPG
Marketing – Market Research/Analytics
Marketing – New Media
Marketing – Public Relations
People in consulting normally look at the following areas:
Consulting – Financial Advisory
Consulting – Human Capital
Consulting – Management/Strategy( Majority )
Consulting – Marketing
Consulting – Not-for-Profits/Federal
Consulting – Technology
Consulting – Supply Chain Management (Operations)

Areas in General Management: Operations, Supply chain, Finance, and Other MBA roles across diverse industries in Functional Leadership programs or Cross-functional leadership programs.

Most Important Expression for a B – School : Why do I love you ?

All of you will face a very important question stating ” How will our school help you in your goals?” or “How will our school help you reach where you want to reach?”.

Our goal of this exercise is to help you create a better understanding of how focused you should appear while you are building your response to these questions. Any top tier MBA program will be very keen on learning more about your interests and knowing more about how they can add value to your profile. And I always use the analogy of “Dating”. Just as in any dating endeavours that you may have lived through, schools want the same personal attention of knowing why are they important enough for you and what parameters did you look at while making that decision.

Please click here to get more details of the different degrees of “Most Important Expression for a B – School : Why do I love you ?”

Networking with the Existing Students:

This will be an engaging and a very important part of the overall exercise. We will provide the following support in this process

  • Helping Candidates Structure the initial written communication
  • Helping candidates with the structure of the telephonic conversation with the Alums, existing students, and admission committee members.
  • Helping candidates in understanding how to create transcripts of those conversations, and leverage them on the final essays.

Applications: Building Coherent “ESSAYS”

While moving over to the applications, we aspire to project an appropriate mix of the Personal, Academic, Community, and Professional areas of your life.

On an average, a top school will limit you to roughly 2,500 words split across 3-5 essays. We will help you create seamless expressions by providing the following:

  • Comprehensive Essay Guide to start the initial story of the essays
  • Overall Construction of the initial Framework
  • Multiple Critiques on the story lines
  • Restructuring the story lines to craft the appropriate messages
  • Language support for the essays( Different from the writing style on the recommendation letters).

Letter of Recommendations: They will vary from school to school. We will provide the following support

  • Short Listing recommenders
  • Initial Directions on Guiding the recommenders on how to structure the recommendation letters
  • Rewriting the recommendation letters if necessary( Varies from school to school).
  • Assessing the importance of examples used in the letters of recommendations by your recommenders. Your recommenders will be given comprehensive directions initially on how to structure a prose with the appropriate examples that can be understood by a layman.
  • Language Support: Some recommenders will have a challenge in writing seamless expressions. We will provide support to morph the language in to a narrative representative of formal business language.


Almost all the schools have varying interviewing styles. If you are interviewing with an admissions committee member or a second year student, you might get to face an interview that will have a preset list of questions ranging from your work history to your personal statement. This interview will focus both on your employability, goals, your reasons for seeking MBA from that school, and your work history (key incidents from your past). Some schools might engage you into conversational interviews. In these interviews, your interviewers will not have any fixed set of questions in mind though; they might spend an hour on talking through your resume. This interviewer is trying to assess the comfort level and a personality fit between you and the school. During the course of applications, we will help you across both these styles.

Click here to learn more about our interview experiences

Interview experiences will widely vary from school to school. There are business school alums known for stretching a 40 minute interview to 1.5 hours just to assess the comfort level. In your interview preparation, we will be doing the following:

  • Providing support to you to construct your stories through comprehensive interview guides
  • Providing training across “Fixed Set of Interview Questions”
  • Providing training on notorious and very stressful conversational interviews
  • Case Interviews: Some schools introduced case interviews last year. We will help you in building up the approach to these questions comprehensively.

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