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Hemant cracks a Top US Business School with a low GMAT

With 5 years of work experience and engineering background, Hemant fell in the over-saturated category of Indian male IT applicants to business schools. The fact that he had a lower GMAT than most applicants in that category, 690 GMAT score, was another huge roadblock.

But he successfully overcame all his roadblock and got accepted into the Carlson School of Management a top 35 US Business School.

Here’s his story.

Hemant’s goals story

Hemant’s first draft was scratched by him after we gave him a detailed encyclopedia about his short-term goal of consulting. He made major changes to his first draft and produced a better goals story without any feedback. This was a good sign as it meant that feedback would make his final application even better in all respect.

However, his story missed inspiration. Inspiration is not just for the reader of your goals story but also you. The difference is simple, someone who is inspired to write about an idea will always have a lot of passion and conviction about the same. This is what MBA applications are about, convincing the admissions committee of your reasons to pursue an MBA.

Hemant needed to write, not only about the moments that exposed him to Consulting as a career but also the moments that inspired him to take up consulting and make a difference in the industry or the world. He needed to write about what his potential value addition to the consulting industry would be.

As we had guessed, the feedback helped Hemant gain perspective on the kind of goals story he believed in and that he wanted to represent him in the MBA applications to his target schools.

Hemant’s essay analysis

Essays are a window to your personality for the admissions committee. They already know your professional achievements through your resume and will generally clearly mention it in the essay question in case they wish to hear more about those.

Thus, using the essay space for detailing your decision-making process and personality is the best way to move forward.

Even when the application essays contain very clear instructions regarding the same, applicants tend to use professional experiences to support their answers. Hemant was rowing the same boat. He was using his professional experiences to answer things like his contribution to the school community.

After the feedback though, he changed his approach.

Hemant was a rockstar candidate and we knew that from the very beginning. Although he had a low GMAT score, we knew he would crack a top US business school. And he did!

Hemant secured an admit to the Carlson School of Management at the end of a very exciting MBA application journey.

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