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How Damini cracked Asia’s top 10 Business School, Nanyang?

Damini came to us with a very organic story of “why MBA?”. However, some time into our collaboration she seemed to be postponing everything from her GMAT exam to the round she wanted to apply in. A lot of times students do this due to personal or professional obligations but that wasn’t the case with Damini.

Whether she was sure of herself or not, we knew this applicant could create a great result and was ready for an MBA.

Conclusion? Damini got into Asia Pacific’s #6 business school, Nanyang!

Damini’s goals story

Damini was working as a senior data analyst for a Human resource consulting firm. This had sparked her interest in Human Resources. She had a short-term goal of General Management with a focus on Human resources. A very organic goals story.

But her first draft of her goals did not do justice to her story. She had missed the most important part, detailing how an MBA would help her overcome her handicaps and reach her goal.

Apart from that, her research was also superficial in the first drafts, which is somewhat expected. Our first task was to guide her to research the roles she would be working in post MBA. To really understand the handicaps she will face in her short-term goal, Damini needed to understand the kinds of duties that she will be expected to fulfill in an organizational structure.

She also needed to research which recruiting organizations from her target schools would best fit her.

If your target schools do not have organizations that recruit for the job function that your short-term goal entails, the school will reject you.

After an in-depth analysis of the aforementioned subjects, Damini came back with a much stronger goals story.

Damini’s essay analysis

The issue that we came across in the essays was the clarity.

For example, if a school asked “what is your biggest accomplishment?” they don’t only want to know your accomplishment but also why you consider it your biggest accomplishment. What personal or social, or conventional barrier did you break through said accomplishment?

We suggested Damini to really explain her thought process to the school. Through the essays, the school tries to get to know the candidate’s personality. It is a small check to see if they would add value to the school’s student body and the MBA program.

After receiving the feedbacks, Damini was quick to present us with a more detailed, vulnerable, and authentic version of the essays that played a big role in getting her an admit.

Two months into working along-side us, Damini started showing the symptoms of ‘Postponing’. It is a common affliction in the MBA applicant pool. You start the application process but, sometime into it, start doubting yourself. Your fear makes you postpone applying in the round you wished to go for.

It’s easy to spot an applicant with this affliction and Damini was showing signs. So, we told her as it was. It might have jarred her initially but she picked up the pace and the result was amazing.

She got into Nanyang, a business school ranked #6 in the Asia Pacific and #30 in the world!

Here’s her story

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