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Fresher accepted to MBA Program at Ross, Duke, London Business school, and ESCP

I am so excited to be sharing this success story with you!

An applicant of ours, Anjali, who has admits to four top MBA programs, LBS, Duke, Ross, and ESCP.

This Rockstar applicant has been so kind to share her MBA application journey with everyone who wishes to apply. She also has some kind words for us, but what I really want you to focus on is how she overcame her roadblocks while curating her MBA profile.

In Anjali’s words.

I have not yet even completed my undergraduate degree and I have unbelievable offers from B-schools, the like of Michigan Ross, Duke Fuqua, London Business School MBA Admission, ESCP, and I’m still awaiting results on a few more, Ivy leagues, for Management Masters’ or an MBA.

This MBA Admission journey would have been absolutely impossible without PythaGURUS and Jatin.

Selecting PythaGURUS

Beginning in the summer of this year, I had no idea about b-schools, their names, goals, what precisely what I wanted from my Masters’ experience. I was confused and thought a Business School Consultant was a proofreader of essays.

Then I began the process with PythaGURUS, where Jatin and I discussed my goals and aspirations, schools, and made me realize that me picking a school was not a one-way process, and taught me how to assess a mutual fit. I gained the confidence to call people from across the world and ask questions, I learned the value of networking, a value that I will use far beyond the admissions process. I learned how to manage time and verbalize distinct goals, and how to think like an ad-com/employer/interviewer.

How Jatin’s coaching style helped me

Jatin will be blunt with you, he will tell you if a part of your essay needs to be removed entirely, He will tell you if your goal is far-fetched and be completely transparent about it, which was an important part of this journey. Even a day before your interview, he will tell you if your answers are not good enough in the mocks and ensure you change them. The video-resources on the Interviewninjas site have been informative while not dragging on beyond the point. There is a holistic approach to business schools admissions, and PythaGURUS and Jatin are a path for candidates like me to see that. We reviewed essays to and for days and filed applications much in advance to avoid last-minute delays. I called Jatin right after my interviews and before them, for mock interviews. Jatin was always confident in my abilities, even when I didn’t feel so. He remained optimistic even after my first ding and made sure we focused on the next step and not the lost one, carrying that energy through till date.

I would not be in the privileged position to choose between these TOP schools without Jatin guiding me through the process.

I would never say that I got an admit, it’s Us that did. We got those admits, and PythaGURUS is as much in this for the long run as I am.

Jatin (PythaGURUS), is not a proofreading service. It is sort of a training ground to build, learn about yourself, and gain perspective and original thought far exceeding what you did a few months before. It’s a one-on-one Application – Building effort, and I am very glad I decided to take the leap and reach out to them earlier this year.

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