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Here is Tapan’s story in his own words.

Tapan came to us in his third year or applying to business schools. He had started off by applying solely by himself in the first year, moved on to a lower cost admissions consultant in the second year, and then found us after a month-long meticulous research in his third year.

Although he had received interview calls form schools in his previous rounds of applications, Tapan would almost always get shortlisted-if not rejected. What he couldn’t understand was why?

After working with us Tapan received admits from Top SU schools including Kenan Flagler, and Emory and a total scholarship of 1.4 Crores!

A lot of MBA applicants face a similar problem.

Tapan had a GMAT score of 740, had completed his undergraduate education from IIT, and had over 6 years of work experience.

He had previously been interviewed by Kenan Flagler but had then been waitlisted.

Tapan’s Goals story

We worked with Tapan on creating a solid turnaround of his goals story and employability.

Tapan wanted to create a future in artificial intelligence and his entire expression focused on something an MBA cannot help him achieve. Our prime role was to help him understand – WHAT WILL AN MBA do to his decision making? How it will evolve his product management skills? Since Artificial intelligence is a new and evolving technology, how will his role as a product manager evolve as he moves ahead?

This in no way means changing his long-term goal.

What he needed was to show the admissions committee how an MBA would help him gain the skill set required to reach his long-term goal.

So, we suggested he ask himself a few questions.

How will the Tapan of 2023 Look like in a professional capacity? If I don’t get any higher education, what will be the professional handicaps I will face? Which of these handicaps only an MBA can solve?

Ask yourself these questions if you’re struggling with your goals story too. The answer you come up with will be the authentic foundation of your goals story.

The business school essays

As we started working on the business school essays with Tapan, we found he was digressing from the topic. For Emory, his essays seemed more robotic. He wrote very fact-based essays rather than sharing his perspective and his life.

For example, if Emory asked if he “believed in the importance of social responsibility in business (not a real Emory question)”, Tapan would talk about different statistics of organizations that have been noted to be socially responsible rather than detailing his own view and the reasons behind his view.

Our feedback confused Tapan initially as he felt he was answering the question. However, on a more in-depth analysis of his own answer, he was able to see the issue and came back to us with a more solid second draft for his essays.

interview schedule

We provided him with access to the Interviewninjas video library and asked him to thoroughly go through each and every one of the videos present on the site. Once he was done with those, he was ready for the mock interviews. Since Interviewninjas is a very comprehensive resource, Tapan was completely prepared for and relaxed during the mocks.

Tapan had made it to the interviews many times before but had never gotten past them. Such a thing can easily cause anxiety in an applicant.

But, just by being prepared for the kinds of questions that could be thrown his way, and detailed examples of how to come up with authentic answers for such questions, Tapan successfully avoided the anxiety.

Tapan made it to top US schools like Emory, and Kenan Flagler and had a collective scholarship of a whopping 1.4 Crore!

His story will definitely remain in our archives to inspire students.

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