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How Prasad cracked a US Top School USC Marshall?

Cracking a two-year program with upwards of 7 years of experience isn’t only difficult but also very strategic. Since the applicant already had years of work experience, they need to work much harder in convincing the business schools of the impact that an MBA education would be able to make on their personal and professional lives.

Prasad was facing the same issues when he came to us with 8 years of work experience and a 710 GMAT score.

he created an amazing result with us and got into a top US business school.

here is the story of how Prasad received an admit to USC Marshall.

Prasad’s Goals Story

One important part of an applicant’s goals story is the handicaps they have faced which led them to an MBA program. Along with the handicaps, you need to convey something called the AHA moment. These are moments in your personal and professional life which made you see the value that an MBA would add to your life.

Prasad’s first draft of the goals story neither had handicaps nor consisted of AHA moments. And it’s okay. So, we guided him on how to identify his AHA moments and then write specific handicaps rather than a generic statement. After, many iterations of the goals story Prasad was able to produce an authentic account of all his handicaps, AHA moments, and how an MBA would fill in the gap for his professional growth.

We started with the pre-networking exercises next, as they require a longer time. You never know when your connection at the school, alumni, current student or faculty, would reply and thus need to set apart a good amount of time to cover for any such uncertainties.

So, we provided him with access to the various networking and interview resources, like Interviewninas, to really help him understand the kind of questions that he needed to ask during his pre-MBA networking calls. We even set up mock networking calls to refine the strategy for the real ones.

Prasad’s essay analysis

An important aspect of the admissions essay is personality. It is the first line of real communication between the admissions committee members and the applicant and is used to gauge the applicant’s fit with the school’s brand values. Prasad was missing this part in his initial draft.

He had written a factually correct story in his first drafts but it missed any personal details that would add character to the story. An applicant isn’t just judged on his choices of short-term and long-term goals in his career. He is also judged on the same in his personal life. Prasad was told to add the same to his essays.

Another thing that Prasad’s essay needed to be fixed on was some of the instances he was sharing. When sharing stories in your application essays, make sure not to repeat any of the instances that you have detailed in your resume. Use every space in your MBA application to add to your life story rather than repeating instances.

By the end of the application process, Prasad’s essays were exactly how we wished them to be, perfect.

After receiving interview invites, Prasad brought up a question which I believe you will benefit from. He wanted to know whether Skype or a face-to-face alumni interview was better.

Never, miss a chance to give a face-to-face interview even if you have to travel a little further than the boundaries of your own city. It will only help give the impression to the school that you are committed to getting admission to them.

All that being said and done, we are so proud to inform you that Prasad cracked USC Marshall’s MBA program.

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