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How Sauvik cracked ISB?

Sauvik came from an engineering background and had 4.5-years of work experience. While that put him in the Indian Male IT applicant category, his CFA certification helped his application stand out a little from his peers.

What got him an ISB admit was the amazing application essays and goals story he created while adhering to our constant feedback.

read on as his story might help you out as well.

Sauvik’s goals story

Sauvik’s goals story had his goals of working in the Strategy Consulting function but was missing the story of why. He needed to mention his past with relevant details of how his professional experience as a Chartered Financial Analyst had exposed him to the importance of Strategy Consulting for an organization.

He was supposed to find alumni from his target schools that were now working with his target employers in his target functions and understand their career trajectory to get an idea of what his short-term goal would look like, and what roles and responsibilities he would undertaking in that role.

He needed to portray his conviction for switching from Finance to Consulting through an AHA moment, and then reveal the current handicaps he came across that convinced him that an MBA was the bridge between his present and future aspirations.

The handicaps would be the skills or knowledge that he was missing to immediately enter the job function of your choice. Whereas the AHA moments would be the events that inspired him to enter said job function.

Sauvik’s essay analysis

Although Sauvik had spent a lot of time networking and was effectively doing so, the value wasn’t transferring to his essays. Where there was a direct school-related question Sauvik would write a great answer using his knowledge from the networking sessions with current students and alumni.

The problem was with the questions that didn’t directly ask for such input.

No matter what the essay question might be, the best way to attempt is by using your whole database of knowledge. For example, rather than talking about random or hypothetical projects that you wish to work on in the future, mention real-life projects the like of which you wish to lead post-MBA. Select such projects from recruiters that hire at your target schools.

Sauvik truly understood each bit of feedback and was hence able to create an application that he didn’t even know he had the potential for.

His admit to ISB came as no surprise to the team at PythaGURUS that had worked with him. And it gave us immense pleasure to add his name to our success story archives.

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