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Alex cracks ISB with just 3 years of work experience

In the short period of 3 years, that Alex had been in the workforce, he had accomplished some very impressive things. However, the average work experience at his target school was much more than his work experience.

Alex successfully crossed over this hurdle when he cracked ISB, one of India’s best business schools – Indian School of Business (ISB).

Here’s his story.

Alex’s goals story

What were the moments that made you realize an MBA was integral to your professional growth? And why is a particular school the best option for you to get an MBA from?

Alex had to answer both these questions in his goals story. Although he had written quite an interesting story about his past, neither his future nor an MBA was well connected to that past. Alex had an interesting professional experience and we were all for using it to show his professional maturity. But the past is only a small part of the goals story.

What was more important was to show how that past had prepared him for a career in his selected short-term goal via an MBA.

We needed to mark and then connect the dots of Alex’s professional story to convince the admissions committees of the impact that an MBA degree, especially one from their school, will create in Alex’s professional life.

Alex was thus asked to use his past only to the extent of exposing his AHA moments. Moments that led up to him realizing he needed an MBA degree.

Alex’s essay analysis

Alex’s past also became a focal point for his essays. He had done truly great things in his past. And I don’t mean simply for himself. Alex’s past showcased him as a true leader, someone who wishes to change things for the better of the world. He had taken active steps to help his community.

But the place for such achievements is the resume. Alex would keep circling back to talk about his past accomplishments in his essays whereas we needed to talk about his future. He kept talking about what he had done in the past whereas we needed him to talk about what he could have done if he had the skill sets that he wished to gain or hone through an MBA education.

Another issue carried forward from the goals story was the lack of specificity in regards to the business school. Thus, Alex was advised to network with the current students and alumni at his target schools to understand what courses or other existing resources at said schools could help him achieve his goals.

This also helped Alex in his interviews. giving school-specific answers showed the interviewer that getting into the school meant a lot to Alex and that he was committed to getting an MBA.

Thus, Alex cracked ISB although his work experience was over a year less than the average work experience for the business school.

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