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How Kish cracked ISB MBA applications in just two weeks?

Kish met us with hardly a few weeks left to the deadline of his target school, ISB. He was worried and rightfully so. With the submission deadline in the middle of September, August end was not the right time to start the application.

So, we asked him to not worry, because he COULDN’T AFFORD TO WORRY! All he could do right now was focus on the feedback we were giving and nailing each assignment on hand.

And he did exactly that. The result? By November of that year, we received the good news that Kish had been accepted to ISB’s program!

We provided him the resources, be it the goals and essay assignments, interview guides, Interviewninjas video library, or the networking guides, but Kish’s resolute to crack ISB is what helped him utilize these resources and create this amazing result.

We couldn’t be prouder as we share his story (in his own words) with you.

My GMAT Journey

Journey to B-School for me had been short (relatively) but a very rigorous one nonetheless. It started off around March 2018, when I decided to appear for GMAT. After 3 months of preparation, I appeared for GMAT in June 2018. Fortunately, I ended up getting a score of 740 in the first attempt itself.

But then came the difficult part, Shortlisting B-Schools and researching about them. The application process in itself felt a lot more tedious than preparing for GMAT. Soon, I realized I was out of my depth and I felt I need a mentor to guide me through the process.

Why I chose PythaGURUS?

So, I started exploring consultants in India and having discussions with them. When talking to Jatin, What I felt very different from all other consultants was that:

  1. He was very open about my strengths, realistic targets schools, etc. in our very first discussion itself. This caught my attention since all other consultants I had talked to, till that point, were very reserve in suggesting me target schools unless I start working with them.
  2. He was also very open about possible weaknesses in me or my profile. I liked this particularly because I felt I was approaching them particularly to help me tackle my weaknesses more than anything else. It felt reassuring.
  3. He was not sugar-coating his opinions which was just opposite to every other conversation I had till that point with anybody else.

So, I finally decided to go ahead with PythaGURUS.

An MBA application in three weeks!

We levelled down on ISB. But due to too much pressure at work, I couldn’t start my application process till last week of August 2018. Due mid-September deadline for round 1, my hopes were diminishing as days were quickly passing by but Jatin was quite adamant on making it work for me. His constant inputs helped me become very clear about my goals. I became more aware of how I can use my strengths and experiences in my application. He was very prompt and straight forward in pointing out issues in my essays. His relentless push ensured high quality application. In fact, by the time I submitted my application, I felt very confident about my chances of getting an interview call.

My ISB admit

The mock interviews with Jatin were very insightful and a unique experience in itself. I made me a lot more self-aware. He touched so many wide varieties of topics that after his mock interviews, the actual interview felt a bit like cake-walk to be honest. In fact, everything in the real interview felt like déjà vu.

Fast-forward to this date, I will be joining ISB CO 2020.

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