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Applicant cracks Oxford’s Said Business School with 7+ years of work experience

With 7 years of work experience as an Engineer, Anupriya finally decided to switch into a business strategy role. But her past work experience and her small interaction with a business strategy project made her realize that she would require an MBA education to equip herself with the needed skills. That’s when she came to us to find a coach to help her navigate the MBA application process. We are so happy to share her success story with you. Anupriya cracked Oxford’s Said Business School! Here’s her story.

Anupriya’s Goals Story

Anupriya’s goals lacked research, and perspective, she was detailing her goals like most people do. She started with explaining her current job, then talked about her short-term goal, and moved on to talk about how her short-term goal can be met by her doing an MBA. When writing your goals story, you need to talk about your short-term goals with respect to the kinds of roles and responsibilities that you will be taking on. You also need to elaborate on incidents from the past couple of years that have motivated you to switch to your short-term goals, these are called the AHA moments. Then you’re supposed to move on to your current handicaps, i.e. the skills or knowledge that you currently lack to perform your short-term goals with complete efficiency. After that comes the part where you must explain how an MBA would help you overcome your current handicaps. When you add your transferable skills, i.e. the current set of skills that you possess, it creates a smooth transition from your current job to your short-term goal via an MBA. Anupriya was also provided with the necessary research material for her choice of function. That, in turn, helped her understand her current handicaps much better, and list stronger reasons for the question “Why MBA?”

Anupriya’s Essay Analysis

Anupriya’s essays were pretty good. She had made a good attempt at answering the question at hand and providing relevant details. However, her stories did not have character. They were very informative but also simply that. The essays needed to be vulnerable, and that was something Anupriya would need to work hard on. Another mistake in Anupriya’s essays was a very fatal one. She had mentioned another top school in her answers. It was almost MBA application suicide. While it’s not a big issue since we were able to explain and rectify her mistake early on, if you’re filing your MBA application by yourself, you must keep this in mind. Mentioning other business schools might not be the way to go on your MBA applications. But as I mentioned, Anupriya was an amazing applicant and would absorb the feedback completely. She finally cracked Oxford’s Said Business School and made us very proud. Read Also:

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