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Sanchit cracks ISB with 3 years of work experience

While Sanchit had a good GMAT score, 750, he only had a 3-year work experience period. However, he wished to get into ISB, one of India’s top business schools.

Despite the competition, Sanchit was able to create an amazing result and got admission to his dream school ISB!

Sanchit’s goals story

An applicant’s goals are the foundation of their MBA application. all the answers to the essays are derived from an applicant’s goals. Thus, when an applicant spends a long time fixing their goals story and really understanding and researching their short-term and long-term goals, we highly encourage it.

Sanchit was confused between a few goals initially but was also pro-active in trying to figure out which goals suited him the best. Although he took his sweet time landing on a goal, it wasn’t a problem as he was sure about it and knew most details that he would require throughout his MBA application journey.

The only real issue was that his approach to answering questions in h=the goals assignment was a bit naïve in the beginning. Although he had researched a lot about the functions, he wished to work in post MBA, he wasn’t using all of it.

Thus, we suggested he go into details about the kind of responsibilities he would be undertaking in his role in his short-term and long-term goals.

Sanchit’s essay analysis

The first issue arose in the accomplishment essay. What a colleague of yours might think is impressive, might not be valuable to an admissions committee member. The reason for that statement is when applicants write about an achievement from their professional work experience, they tend to write as if someone with complete knowledge of their job function would be assessing it.

After seamlessly completing his goals assignment, networking, essays, we started working on the recommendation letters.

Sanchit’s current immediate supervisor was cold to his requests for a letter of recommendation. He seemed completely uninterested and unfazed by the impact his recommendation would have on Sanchit’s applications.

While the schools do ask for a current supervisor’s application, they also allow students to choose a different recommender with a viable cause. We decided to take that option as we knew his supervisor won’t be able to add any value to his application.

A quick tip: If your recommender is disinterested in writing a review, they will probably end up giving you a sub-par recommendation that will eventually have no positive effect on the school.

The chance we took with Sanchit’s recommendations paid off when the results of his MBA applications came in.

Sanchit cracked ISB, India’s top business school, with just 3 years of work experience!

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