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Engineer with 8+ years of work experience cracks Tuck and NYU Stern

When an MBA applicant has over 7 years of work experience, it becomes crucial that they convey their NEED for an MBA to the admissions committee. Raj had 8 years of experience working as an Engineer and was faced with this exact dilemma.

However, we knew that some guidance would really help this applicant come into his own and get admits to his dream school. We are so stoked to tell you that that prediction was correct.

Raj cracked two of the US top schools, Tuck and NYU Stern with 8 years of work experience!

Here’s his story.

Raj’s Goals Story

Raj’s goals story had two major problems.

First was his expression or the narration. The problem with the overall expression in Raj’s goals story was that a layman wouldn’t understand it. For someone who hasn’t worked in the same industry or job function as you, it might be difficult to understand the jargon you use. In addition to the fact that the admissions committee member won’t be from your industry or job function, more often than not, the goals story become incomprehensible.

Thus, having a goals story devoid of jargon is very important.

The second was that Raj started off with a very generic goals story. Although he knew it wasn’t adequate considering the schools he wanted to apply to, Tuck and Stern, he simply had no clear idea on how to make it more specific and tailored to his own self. This is where networking came in.

This was a clear indication that Raj needed to start networking with professionals in the same job functions as he wished to be in post-MBA. Along with networking with such professionals, we started sharing different research material, that we had created for other students as well, on the various post-MBA functions.

Raj needed to define the function’s roles and responsibilities that he will be required to fulfil.

Raj’s Essay Analysis

Raj’s essays faced the problem of being generic as well. But that’s what we were here for, to help him improve his expression and translate his ideas and passion onto an application.

We wanted his essays to imply his intention. Of course, if you want to write an application essay on why you want to be a product manager, you will have to use the words product manager in there, but a remarkable essay would not be dependent on the writer mentioning those words. It would allow the reader to understand the writer’s aspirations without the writer having to mention those.

That’s exactly what Raj’s essays needed to be like.

With our feedback, Raj really turned around his tone in the essays and after a few iterations showed us a real masterpiece that we were all proud to be applying with.

The result was that he received an admit to both Tuck and Stern, top US business schools.

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