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Tushar’s journey From 8 Rejections in previous years to CRACKING TOP MBA Programs with PythaGURUS

Tushar hadbagged a lot of dings before he decided to knock our doors. Despite his series of past rejections, we were glad to work with him given his dedication and drive to crack a Top MBA Program. Tushar’s persistence and hard work made our jobs a whole lot easier even with the schools he had faced rejections already. We could turnaround this 100% rejection story into 100% Success Rate story.

Cheers to Tushar for getting his dream MBA admissions.

Here is the story of how Tushar went from being rejected by IIM A to being a student at the same program.

Tushar’s background

Thanks for your support in getting the MBA of my dream !! An MBA from the number one college in the country – IIM A. I wanted to share my experience with you through the story below:

Before I start my story let me give you my background. I am a Chartered Accountant working in Corporate Finance. I gave my GMAT in 2016 and started working with another consultant. I applied to a lot of Colleges including IIM A last year and all of them ultimately resulted in a ding.

Meeting PythaGURUS

In 2017, after a string of failures, I was highly demotivated. The MBA dream looked lost. Around this time I read about Jatin from a newspaper article that talked about India’s top MBA consultants. I decided to change my consultant and approached Jatin. This year thanks to Jatin, I have been selected for IIM PGPX.

Jatin worked with me and suggested broad pointers to significantly overhaul my application in line with my aspirations. He revamped my resume. He also took a mock interview with me on how to interview current students for understanding the college specific nuances. These nuances helped me prove to the college that I had done my research. He also requested me to work on my current GMAT 710. Something that I tried but could not succeed. We proceeded nevertheless with the current GMAT.

The MBA application process

Jain was very meticulous while devising the essay stories. The essay topic was – Describe your failure. While I tried to play safe by talking about my academic failures. Jatin requested me to play on my rich corporate experience and talk about a corporate failure. It is easy to blame someone for the failures but Jatin made me realize the mood point fo the essay – How I failed. Here, I want to highlight here how Jatin gives more than a 100% to every application. He called me to understand my stories and inspired me to go for the best version. He also worked relentlessly on festival holidays to ensure that the best application gets submitted.

Interview prep and the school interviews

I received a call for interview. However, this was a job half done. IIM’s are known for grilling interviews and interviews carry a lot of weightage. During this time, I was facing a very tough face in professional life. I had changed my job recently. I was finding very less time for my applications and interviews preparation . We worked extensively and did multiple interview preps even on the last day. After I faced Jatin’s interview the actual interview was just a breeze.

My advice for applicants today

FUTURE APPLICANTS .. PLEASE DO NOT UNDERMINE THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERVIEW NINJA PREP – THE BIBLE FOR ESSAYS AND INTERVIEW TIPS. If Jatin were a magician (Trust me .. he already is) … Interview Prep is the source of his power.

In fact I complained to Jatin why the interviewers did not ask me certain questions. In retrospect I think that the brilliant essays and resume had almost sealed my admission letter!!


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