July 10, 2019

Must read for applicants aspiring for Global Top MBA Programs Harvard Wharton Stanford

I wanted to share this with you very enthusiastically and very authentically-

One thing to remember in the next couple of months is that – when you are applying to the TOP MBA Programs of the world- Your goal is not to just prepare an MBA application. I mean- you are not doing it just to be prepared for a 500 word input. NO! Absolutely not! You are preparing for a whole new expression for- How will you fall in love with that business school?

That will be reflected in your application essays and in your passion for that MBA program. I am not a wishful thinker or a philosopher. What I am trying to express here is – There are times you will get into fights with interviewers who will try to take you down while asking you questions such as “WHY OUR SCHOOL?” or “How will an MBA degree help you?”

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Now- I am not suggesting that I will give you a simple formula and enable you to create a response in 3 days. That is NOT POSSIBLE! What I am suggesting is- I want you to see yourself working on understanding that business school comprehensively! You will be trained on– How to find your handicaps? + How will a business school remove your handicaps? – They will ask you a simple question – “Why did you pick us?” and your enthusiasm will help you address the intricacies of the research needed to get a great response.

And your enthusiasm and your willingness to participate in that particular MBA program will really make you go past the resistance that you currently face while writing application essays or even while MBA networking with the alumnus.

So many Alumnus will refuse to talk to you, and you will not have a great response rate. That does not mean that you will not write the next email or a follow up emai. This will be a continuous learning and experience that will prepare you for a strong success.

And yes, everyday for the next 6 months, you will be living your post MBA Life. You will be building connections with strangers and finding opportunities to seek help, information, and doing whatever it takes to get accepted. This will be reflected in your post MBA Admit life when you will be exploring internships, full time jobs, and career changes.

No one can bypass the rigor of this process.

No one should bypass the rigor of this process.

Before you pay 30 lakhs to 1 crore to a business school, get yourself ready.  Even after accepting 1 crore from you, the Columbias, Whartons, the Harvards, and the Stanfords of this world will not spoon feed you in MBA networking, and employability. You will have to be resourceful from day one.

As you and I move ahead with various stages of the MBA application, Goals and MBA networking will continue to reflect in our success and our accomplishments together.

Thank you and have a rocking day!  

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