June 4, 2019

Post GMAT application Tips: How to Get A Great MBA Letter of Recommendation

Read this very carefully. It is neither easy nor recommended to WRITE YOUR OWN LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. I am not suggesting that you blindly submit whatever your bosses write. I will definitely be reviewing those before we submit your MBA applications. But when you start taking the first shot at writing your own letter of recommendation, the level and nature of errors you make are VERY VERY Naïve. I am so Human that I do not want to overlook any of those, but I have started to realize that there are times I need to see both of these letters of recommendation ( LOR 1 and LOR 2) together as you have started to make them similar too. 

Also, it is not NOT recommended to start writing your own weaknesses. Your theory and the way you explain your strategy of corrective actions is so immature, it is so easy for a business school to catch you. 

I will share an example- Someone said (In their letter of recommendation) – MBA Applicant’s weakness is his inability to delegate, and there are times he tends to take everything on his plate, etc. And then the boss suggested- that I told him about this – and later- the applicant realized that – JEEZ Boss- I never knew that I used to do this, and he promised his boss that this would never happen again. And then – that really did not happen again!! 

This example above- People! I want you to really understand- Not being able to delegate is a decent weakness to have but it will not go away by just by having your boss point it out once. Your boss will have to show progression, and how he helped you get over this HABIT. He cannot help you with this weakness just by talking about it casually. 

Any recommender who has really worked in his life will know this.

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