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Are MBA applicants and students in general burning under pressure?

Getting into a B-school is not an accomplishment in itself. It is a means to an end.All of you want to join top schools. Right? But why is this goal very theoretical for you? Why can't you outline steps and create a roadmap ....Read More

3 reasons why a top college or university abroad could reject you

Many youngsters undermine themselves and lose confidence - by telling strangers and even yourselves that their candidature for a college or university is not worth it....Read More

Should you do MBA just because everyone else is doing it?

One should never explore an MBA only because everyone else is doing it. An MBA is a means to an end and not an end in itself.. .. ....Read More

Map your life

Engineering or law, fashion design, mass communication or management? Choose your course of action. Deciding what to do after Class 12 can be daunting for any student. With unlimited options, they are often confused between popular career choices-to be a doctor or become an engineer?....Read More

What MBAs should remember: An idea is ‘hot’ and sells only if it adds value to people’s lives

Many MBAs fail to understand that the only way to make a startup successful is to add value to the lives of people who are going to be using its products and services.. .. ....Read More

Failed entrepreneurs go back to school

MUMBAI: Arun Kunapareddy cofounded PasteOnMyCity in 2012. In a year, the bootstrapped activity-based localised social network could garner about 15,000 users.Kunapareddy then decided to start up another by transforming the earlier platform to a coupon site — Kouponize. But funds were hard to come by, and about two years ago he was forced to abandon the venture.....Read More

To be 2 or to be 1

Should you opt for a two-year or a one-year MBA? How will you decide? These are not random issues. What are the factors that should you look at?.. .. ....Read More

Using brains on rankings

Should one focus blindly on the rankings? Not really. There’s a lot you should check out to find out if a school is worthy of your time and money.. .. ....Read More

Are B-schools telling you the truth when they say they 'create' leaders?

Business schools take ownership of transformation of students to leaders - but aren't they taking in people who already exhibit leadership traints?.. .. ....Read More

US, UK Passé, Students Look Beyond

MUMBAI/NEW DELHI: British Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to tighten migration rules and the protectionist policies being advocated by the US administration of President Donald Trump .....Read More

Avoid bungling up that all-important MBA interview

There are too many situational questions that are asked in the MBA interviews and various terms such as leadership, teamwork, ethical dilemma, most significant accomplishment, short term, long term goals and constructive feedback are misinterpreted by the applicants.. .. ....Read More

National leadership of PythaGURUS in MBA Consulting

As new businesses are evolving, and companies are getting innovative in launching new products and services, Most of the students in 2016 had been keen on getting a top tier MBA, and then either start a venture or get.....Read More

Entrepreneurship after MBA- The New-Age Career

How many students in India are witnessing Entrepreneurship revolution. Many companies are being funded. Many investors are fulfilling the million dollar dreams. ....Read More

5 Way to Build Rapport as a new Employee

As a new Employee, You should Remember you have been selected via a Rigorous recruitment process and the employer beliieves in your abilities.....Read More

Business Insider- a National Daily Newspaper- helped us circulate our thoughts to the entire student community in the country

It talks about the evolving spirit of entrepreneurship, and how a lot of students are actively pursuing MBA to fulfill their ambition of scaling up a venture....Read More

How can you differentiate between successful and unsuccessful MBA applicants?

A B-school will not make you successful. It might get you more money, resources or even better jobs....Read More


Many applicants spend months on creating B-School applications, writing essays, letter of recommendations, resume , generating stories, working on the entire candidature, before moving out for the interviews with various business schools – admission committee members, alumni and existing students, and surprisingly, majority of them face rejection in the interviews...Read More

DO NOT Submit random applications

Roughly 3 lakh students go abroad from India every year and believe in doing masters in Computer Sciences and MBA. Most of the top schools will have 10-15 per cent Indian students.Read More

Comparison between Indian and Foreign MBAs

Your choice of B-schools should match with your target countries, and your target jobs/employers. Once you have the future in mind, go for a programme that works best for you ...Read More

Education with a cause

Not so long ago, while returning from Nainital to Delhi late in the evening, I was struck by the seemingly phenomenal growth in the education sector in Noida and Ghaziabad. The very telling symbols were these gigantic hoardings from B-schools that promised to make a difference....Read More

The Hindu Front Page: One year or a Two year MBA: How should you decide?: PythaGURUS Guiding the student community in the country on picking the right MBA Programs.

Read More

How do MBA internships create a smooth transition for many applicants?

At a time when coaching classes are mushrooming to help students crack entrance tests and job interviews, there is hardly any guidance to make job-seekers aware of the actual demands of a job and prepare them accordingly....Read More

PythaGURUS's analysis of the MBA Financial AID

Have you ever come across someone who was stopped because of Money? Another question: Have you ever come across someone who thought he would be stopped because of Money, and used that as an excuse to never take action?....Read More

What Beyond Delhi University?

NDTV appreciated the success PythaGURUS has created for the students, and invited Jatin Bhandari, Founder and CEO of PythaGURUS as a Panelist for a discussion held during the primetime....Read More

Before you jump into it, it makes sense to get an idea of the sector you want to work in

In my experience of working with a diverse group of professionals, and of being a student, I realised that the student majority is not aware of its reasons for doing an MBA. When I speak with people,.....Read More

Give a global edge to your MBA degree

MBA degree abroad - "An MBA is a means to an end. As long as you do the research right, and know what you are looking for, they will be willing to consider you," says Mr. Jatin Bhandari, CEO and Co-founder of PythaGurus...Read More

Which is better - A one year or a two year MBA?

To answer this question let us consider the case of an aspiring applicant that I recently met. This young man already has an MBA degree (acquired in 2008) from a leading international management institute....Read More

Do not be a slave to the system

This year I have to get into the top business school. I will study very hard and not do anything else until I get admission – these are common pronouncements of many students seeking happiness and meaning in life...Read More

Get your focus back

I have been preparing for GMAT for a year now, but I seem to have lost focus now. How do I overcome my lack of focus for the GMAT?...Read More

Master the impression game

If you already have an interview from the B-school of your choice it means that they like you but it also means that they only "half" like you and it is your chance to convey the message that will either get you in or push them over the edge...Read More

How to make your story unique?

How should I create a unique story while applying for the international MBA programmes. How to see the uniqueness in my profile. These are two main queries that most MBA aspirants have. Here are some points that can be kept in mind to present your story in a unique way...Read More

Why Indians are increasingly looking to study in US, UK at undergraduate level

MUMBAI|NEW DELHI: A few months ago, Rimi Khanna (name changed), studying Maths honours at Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi, approached CollegeCore Education for guidance for transfer to a US college...Read More

What Ivy League Universities Really Look For In MBA Students

Jatin Bhandari has empowered many students and helped them accomplish their dream of studying in prestigious schools abroad. Being an MBA student from Darden Business School, University of Virginia, Jatin—Founder and CEO of PythaGURUS Education Pvt. Ltd—has become a mentor to hundreds of candidates, and helped place them across top B-schools and Ivy League Universities...Read More

Global edge for commerce students

Read More

Admission consultancies run by alumni of top B-schools helping MBA aspirants realise their dream

NEW DELHI: Pragna Kolli makes for an unusual candidate at The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania. Currently, in her second year of MBA at the Ivy League business (B) school, she was the first woman to have worked on long distance trains in South India...Read More

Don't fret over poor score

Read More

India's Best B-Schools

The 2014 edition of Business Today's survey of India's top B-Schools, in partnership with MDRA, reveals campus dynamics...Read More

A bigger bang for your MBA buck

There are close to 4,000 business schools in India, and more than 3.5 lakh graduate from these programmes every year. Can the country’s job market create so many well-paying jobs? Before aspirants set out to do their MBA programme, it would be worthwhile to ask what B schools tell you and what you should be asking them...Read More

Career hotline

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