May 5, 2018

PythaGURUS MBA Admissions: From ZERO Admits to 4 Tier one schools + 1.1 Crores of scholarships

Dear Applicants,

From zero admits last year to 4 admits with 1.1 Crores of scholarship from Tier one schools in US.

I am sharing this story as this is very very important to PythaGURUS. It is about how we stopped a guy from going to a business school he was admitted to, and made him spend another year in his current job.

Yes! It was last year when one of our old GMAT student reached out to us with the following email (SEE THE ONE IN ITALICS). He had a 740 GMAT and by the time he reached to PythaGURUS, he had “earned” rejects from most of the Tier 2 and 3 schools in Canada and US. He had one admit and we did not allow him to go to that school.

Our calculation and logic:

1. Cost of that school (Tuition and Living): 50 lacs
2. Scholarship Granted to the applicant ($10,000)- Net cost (44 Lacs)
3. Average Salary ($65,000 ) – with a probability of 60% (Only 60% of the class was fully placed within 3 months of graduation)

We clearly told him, “Instead of paying 44 lacs to this school, you should pay 10 lacs to a job and immigration consultant in India and start a job directly in US or Canada (and there are plenty job consultants working in NCR region)”.

We worked with him this year on the tier one schools. And he got through to 4 schools with total scholarships worth INR 110,000,00 ( INR 1.1 Crores) + He is now headed to a TIER one school in the US and the average salaries are $120,000 ( 75 lacs).

We are very proud to share this story with all of you. For three consecutive days, he got calls from 3 schools informing him about the acceptance and the scholarships, and it was unbelievable.

Being an admissions consultant, it is not easy for us to tell an applicant who has an admit into a TIER 2 program ( and a scholarship) to drop a year and start working with us and “PAY OUR FEE”. What will most of them hear? – “ We have vested interests in making you drop a year and work with us” – But it was important for him to know that the school he was headed to was not meant for him.

“Message from the applicant last year”

Hi Jatin

I hope you remember me. I took GMAT classes from PythaGURUS in 2010 and thanks to you I did pretty well in GMAT. I have been referring MBA aspirants since then to your institute.

I applied to some schools this year but the results came out quite disappointing. I am left with an admit from “Name Hidden” and “Name Hidden”. I got a scholarship of 10K CAD from “Name Hidden”. I cannot afford “Name Hidden” without any scholarship. I reached out to “Name Hidden” current students and alumni and did not get a very positive response on the job prospects post-MBA. After spending 40 lacs (with a 30 lacs loan), I do not want to face a situation where I am unemployed post-MBA.

I am very confused right now whether to go for “Name Hidden” this year or take chances and apply next year again. I need your suggestions and guidance in this regard. Please find attached my resume, gmat/toefl scores and my application history this year.

In case, you suggest me to wait and apply next year. I would like to know what can I realistically expect after waiting for another year. I would like to walk through the application process with you and enroll for PythaGURUS Admission Counseling services. But I have big financial constraints. After paying your fee, I think I can arrange only 30 lacs for the whole MBA expenses. Thus, The choice of schools will be quite narrow and the need of scholarship quite high. I know you cannot predict it but please at least give me an idea of what I can expect to achieve next year with your help and guidance. I cannot leave the admit I have right now and walk into a dark alley where I have no idea what is waiting for me. Please show me some light.

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