June 1, 2019

PythaGURUS MBA Consulting student Chahat’s Success Story


I wanted to share this moment as this makes me feel proud of Chahat (an MBA Admissions Consulting student and me (Sharing her email below). We were in this together.  When someone says that the process not only helped them get into a Top Business School but is also helping them score internships and network when they are at a Top business school, it really makes me feel that the process is worth your and my time and that we are creating something very meaningful.

Some of the videos included in the process took months of research- and the goal was to save thousands of your research hours. It was like- I wanted to capture ten years of my MBA admissions consulting learning experiences and give them to you- and I am glad that it worked.

It all worked the Goddamn way you and I thought it would work.

Directly from Chahat:

Hope you are doing great.

It is with great delight that I want you to know that I have been accepted at Washington University in St. Louis at Olin Business School. Its almost been a month here and I apologize for informing you so late. The first semester is way too overwhelming.

 I got a last minute acceptance and I literally rushed through my visa process and took a flight to the US.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for being there and supporting me till the end for all the ambitious applications that I sorted with your guidance. It’s only after I met my classmates I realized the intense competition this program holds through the United States.

You have polished me all throughout not just with my resume but also with the MBA interview process that includes the general and behavioral questions. STAR format is such a vital part of the recruitment process. Today when I have all recruiting events lined up ahead of me, I realize the true value of all the grilling that you made me go through (especially the video access you had given me before my interviews with schools). I feel so much more prepared than many of my classmates.

I connected to you through a referral and this referral served as a gem for me.

Thank you again, sir and I hope to stay connected to you by all means possible.

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