June 4, 2019

Quitting your job for GMAT preparations 

A lot of you ask me- SHOULD I QUIT MY JOB To Prepare for GMAT or to work on your MBA Applications! 

Imagine – Everything is going fine, you are about to marry the girl, the dates have been decided, and suddenly you mention- HEY- I am thinking of quitting my job:). Your future with the girl may not get impacted but you will definitely have everyone’s attention for some time. 

Last year, one of my MBA admissions consultant candidates quit his job in October (right after the MBA Applications submission). He did not even mention it to me till November. A week before his MBA interview, he asked me – “Do I have to update my resume as my latest designation has TILL DATE on the resume?”. That was the time I panicked. Well! Yes! We did change the date to – TILL October. Technically, he walked into three MBA interviews without a JOB. Two of the interviewers were really chatty (it was their job :)).

SIR- A Strong recommendation- DO NOT QUIT Your job! If you walk into an interview for Ivy League schools’, or for that matter most good Business Schools’, room with a PAST TENSE for the last designation, a lot of people tend to Fixate on your career switch. It is like- You are really handsome but have a Big MOLE on your face. People who are nice would ignore talking about it but will create different narratives in their minds. People who are straightforward will get to the point and will ask – HEY! Why did you quit? What happened? 

Don’t do this! Wait for your last interview to get over Buddy.

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