June 4, 2019

Round 1 or Round 2: When to apply for a TOP MBA?

This is for MBA applicants who have started enquiring about the MBA admissions consulting services for Round 1’s ahead of time.

We will be starting our next wave for the round one deadlines ON April 5th. The registrations will open on March 1st.  If you have a minimum GMAT Score of 640 and are certain that you will be applying this year, please start ahead of time.

Also, if your GMAT score is below 640, I will encourage you to take your test again before starting with us. ( Note: If you believe that you have an exceptional profile, and will be able to make a strong case with a business school despite a low score, please mail it separately to I will review your profile and will let you know at the earliest. )

If you feel that your goals story is not very coherent yet, or if you belong to the category of a confused candidate who does not have a great understanding of the future understanding and function, I will encourage you to start early.

If you have a GMAT Score, mention that in your response to this email. If you do not have a GMAT Score yet, book a date and send your GMAT Date to us over email.

If you are keen on applying for the early bird rounds, please see the agenda below.  THERE IS A LOT TO BE ACCOMPLISHED.

  1. Your reasons for joining the business school and then start shooting coherent emails to current and ex-students. If you are certain that you will be applying this year, it is strongly recommended to start early. There is no end to how much better an application can get. Some of you are techies with absolutely no understanding of how to reach out to the masses and create application essays that are truly reflective of what a business school can mean to you. REALLY! Start early as opposed to being lazy.
  2. Your current understanding of business schools: We assume that the majority of the international business school applicants have below average understanding of the top MBA programs.

After creating many success stories across the IVY League schools in the US and other top business schools in several countries, we have overhauled our processes and made the MBA program ever more rigorous.

In addition to building your application essays, we plan to train you more comprehensively in order to maximize your chances of securing admits to the top business schools.

In the entire process, before you start sending your inputs, you are trained rigorously in your future aspirations, your understanding of the goals, and you go through several rounds of networking to really understand your target business schools very well. This is important for many reasons:

  1. With your current level of understanding and what you are now, we cannot rely on the initial drafts of inputs. Many MBA applicants barely know how to even approach the trail of “Why Wharton?/Why MBA? and Why now?”. Before you get to this stage, you are trained in developing the thought process that will help you in researching and learning the business schools that you aspire to join.
  2. Managing the interviews: With our intensive training programs in the applications process, your ability to tackle conversational interview becomes very strong. You should be able to guard your goals for as long as 30 minutes in an alumni interview.
  3. Your likelihood of starting in the career of your choice becomes very VERY high. The skills you acquire as a part of the MBA application process should not limit to seeking MBA admissions. It should help you in picking electives, identifying the job opportunities in various industries and functions.


Jatin Bhandari
Founding Director and CEO
PythaGURUS Education

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