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Read on about the top 3 common concern areas for SAT admission aspirants and what our experts have to say about that.

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How do extracurricular activities, majors, recommendations, essays, and factors come into play in college admissions?

College admissions in the United States are not standardized in any way, which means that each undergraduate college develops its own system. Some of the most important factors in college admissions are high school grades, difficulty of a student’s high school course selection, and scores on the SAT. The reputation of the high school is also important. Extracurricular activities such as membership to clubs, service activities, and athletic or musical talents are important during the admissions process. The typical breakdown of college admissions considerations is: 50% class rank, 25% SAT, and 25% extracurricular activities and recommendations. Private schools tend to rely more on extracurricular activities for admissions than public schools.

Does having a summer job help or hurt me?

Summer jobs are a great way to earn some money, and they also provide an excellent opportunity to gain experience. Work experience demonstrates your abilities such as time management, responsibility level, character, and leadership potential. Work experience can be anything from paid or volunteer work, after-school or summer program participation, to internships. You should inquire with your parent’s employers for any internships or summer job opportunities. Internships, whether paid or not, give you a first-hand look at specific careers as a way to identify career interests. In whatever programs you participate in, whether if it’s at a job, an internship, or helping out at home, your experience is an important way to demonstrate key qualities. The participation in the various activities may even help you find a topic for your college essays. Whatever qualities that you develop by this experience will help you build your resume and enhance your college applications. The summer before your 12th grade is the best time for summer employment, which is why we recommend PythaGURUS SAT exam courses after 10th grade, if possible. You may want to start looking for a summer job in the spring of your 11th grade, which is when most employers start hiring for the summer. Remember, the quality of your experience is much more important than the number of dollars you can earn at any job!

Should I use an educational consultant?

Educational consultants counsel students and their families in the selection of educational programs based on the student’s individual needs and talents. The need for an educational consultant can vary based on the students; we recommend starting with arranging a meeting with your counsellor as a research base, as they can give you some general information as a starting point for your research. You can also approach the career services or counselling departments within the institutions that you are considering applying to. You may want to find out how much they charge ahead of time before committing to a service.

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