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Understanding SAT

Maths Section-As discussed, the SAT tests high school level mathematics and there are 54 questions in all in the three Maths sections/sub-sections which have to be done in a total of 70 minutes. Now this means one should be able to solve a question on avg. in about less than 40 seconds. So the SAT Maths tests a candidate not only for application of basic concepts of high school Maths, but also for speed and accuracy (no marks for doing a question wrong). This requires proper understanding of the very basic concepts of Maths (even though one might think that one is absolutely prepared for it) and lots of practice. At PythaGURUS we ensure both by covering all the concepts and time saving skills in classroom thoroughly putting stress on doing more than 100 questions of varying difficulty from every topic.

Critical Reading Critical Reading largely consists of sentence completion and passage reading types of questions. This requires a good vocabulary and good practice in reading passages. Dont worry if you have not already started working on your vocab,because with our efforts we have mastered the technique of learning words with the help of tools we have created which comprises of use all the different word roots, flash cards and crosswords exercises. Have a look at a- Sample Crossword Puzzles:

Sample Crossword Puzzles Answers

We also work on improving the reading skills of candidates by covering mapping exercises and making them practice those which becomes important since a child might have never actually done that from the point of view of an exam, that too one which requires high level if accuracy and speed.

Writing This section mostly consists of grammatical questions, apart from the 25 minute essay. Now to do well on SAT writing section, one has to have good understanding of Basic English Grammar. We cover all the rules of grammar alongwith the tips and tricks in our extensive classrooms. For essays we have a unique tool to track the writing skills of a candidate in addition to providing the proper insight on “How to write a prefect essay on SAT”.

Additionally, like the Maths section, for both the Reading and Writing Sections we will have rigorous home work exercises and class work drills which would ensure there is no communication gap between the trainer and the candidate.

More about the pattern of SAT. Have a look at a question from each section:

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