Story of 200,000 Rats and GMAT!

Imagine there are 200,000 RATS RUNNING AFTER 1600 CANDIES! Let us make a system !

CAT is a standardised test offered in the COUNTRY TO ENSURE THAT the BRIGHTEST of the BRIGHTEST people in the country do not eventually SETTLE DOWN IN THE COUNTRY- it is a perfect system for throwing people outside India.

GMAT is the perfect way the SMARTEST and the most capable people in India are welcomed by other countries, and their Capitalistic Powerhouses.

Let us imagine- You and I are incharge of handing over 1600 packets of Paneer( Or candy) and there are 200,000 RATS fighting for them( Indians are not rats- and neither are human beings- but this is exactly HOW THE System treats us). You and I are given the process to manage this optimally and are told that we have to distribute this to the best and the brightest. (Disclaimer- I run a GMAT Coaching company( TOP GMAT GRE SAT Coaching) and I get to work with brightest CAT Rejected Students- and many MANY of these CAT REJECTED People go study at Wharton, Stanford, Columbia with strong financial AID- Success Stories )

1600 are the IIM’s Seats( Given to the General Quota) and roughly 600 are seats offered by IIM A, B and C to the General Category applicants.

So, now we have 2 Lakh rats( 200,000) fighting for 600 candies and we have got to have the right filters so that only THOSE WHO PROVE THEY ARE WORTHY get those.

How will you decide buddy?

Let us look at how System does it-

System says- Let me design a filter that – THROWS OUT 99.5% of them automatically – and those rats will never be able to talk to the system, show their faces, express HOW THEY CAN Make a difference, and WOULD NEVER NEVER be given the OPPORTUNITY TO FORGET THEIR PAST.

If you and I are in charge of managing this process- Why are we throwing out 99.5% of the rats outside? Why do we have SUCH A Strong FILTER ? Why can’t we have a FILTER that keeps 70% of the rats out so that WE Can still MOVE TO THE next stages with the remaining RATS? ( 60,000 RATS) and may be try other things with them such as – knowing their stories or finding out the other competencies they may have Despite the fact that they didn’t have 99.5 percentile ? – Well ! We will do that only when you and I feel that – WHO WILL Deal with – Talking to 60,000 RATS System and deal with the humanity in those rats? Who will employ that set of experts needed to deal with 60,000 Rats as we will have to FURTHER build new processes that will further remove another 30,000 and then another 20,000 and will eventually come down to 1600 Candies( with 600 Candies from A, B and C categories- THREE IIM’s – A, B and C).

We are rats in this system buddy! I am sorry to be using this analogy but CAT is a VERY POORLY Managed system in this country.

It is VERY Hard for us to create people like Jack Welch, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg – as in India, we will tell all of them to prove- CAN YOU MOVE FASTER than a calculator? Prove it in the first filter- and if they PROVE THAT- we will ASK THEM- Let us look at your life when you were a child- Show us your performance when you were 15 years old and specifically in the Month of March( Your 10th

class board examinations) and then 17 years old again in the Month of March( your12th class board examinations).

How would Warren Buffet survive in this system?

Will he Argue- My Dear CAT, how is my performance in the month of March – and that too- 6 to 8 years ago RELEVANT TO WHO I am NOW As a PERSON? The world has evolved, and SO HAVE I- WHY ARE You Punishing me for HOW Was my state of MIND for ONE MONTH – 8 years ago?

And the CAT will say- SHUT UP – YOU BLOODY RAT! – WE HAVE DECIDED that – YOU HAVE NO POWER TO MAKE BUSINESS Decisions! We have ALSO DECIDED that you are not worthy of OUR 1600 CANDIES.

Warren Buffet would say- May I Submit Some essays? Or stories of the things I have done in the past 7 to 8 years? My parents , my families, and the world around me THINKS that I am someone who is VERY KEEN ON Making a DIFFERENCE! My communities are So important to me that I have also developed ways to Create new solutions for them, I can also get recommendations from people who will VOUCH for those things- I promise I will be able to show you how I have gotten over the PAST !


Warren- BUT I WAS A STUPID KID! And I have grown up!


IF WARREN VISITS a DIFFERENT FILTER CALLED GMAT- HE WILL have a VERY VERY DIFFERENT VIEW OF THE WORLD! GMAT IS a FORWARD LOOKING TEST- and does not come from the PAST! You will be asked- HOW ARE YOU PLANNING ON SHAPING THE WORLD? How are you keen on impacting your life in the short term and in the long term? What is it that you are currently struggling with and HOW WILL THE Global SYSTEM help you get there? IF YOU DO NOT GET A GREAT GMAT Score- YOU WILL Have the FLEXIBILITY TO RESCHEDULE IT, and TAKE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN ! You will not have to wait for AN ENTIRE YEAR.

You will be asked- IF YOU KNOW OTHER People- how can strongly recommend you, please go and ASK for RECOMMENDATIONS?

WARREN BUFFET will be given opportunities to COMMUNICATE( This is what Human beings do- WE COMMUNICATE) to the world- HOW They have built a strong sense of character.

On the basis of this communication – YOU WILL BE Accepted into this new world of BUSINESS- a WORLD that REQUIRES ALL THOSE SKILLS that WARREN Buffet PROVED he has through the channel of COMMUNICATION!

What is happening to the WARREN BUFFETS of this country? – Well- they are getting 98th percentiles and are getting thrown out of the SYSTEM as they didn’t manage 99.9 percentile 🙂

What is happening to the 94th percentile RATS of this country? Well- they are Going to Wharton’s of the world and are LEADING the GOOGLE’s of the world!

What is happening to That scary CAT?

Well- it still gets to EAT 1600 RATS in the GENERAL Category, and 1600 RATS who said- they want to be RESERVED for the DINNER TONIGHT 🙂

Whatever category you belong to, CAT is GONNA Eat you up ALIVE ! 🙂

Let us EAT A RAT!

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